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The most scenic and surrounded by the surreal hills, Kasol is a dream destination of every backpacker. The tranquility in the environment, smell of marijuana that gives you trippy feel, amazing vistas of nature, small markets, great Israeli food, splashing waters of the Parvati Valley will give you a spellbound experience. Kasol offers some great adventures for travelers that make your trip memorable. Trekking, camping, hiking, village exploration, are some activities that you can do in Kasol.

Plan your trip to the most famous trekking destination in India, Kasol-Kheerganga.

 Kasol-Kheerganga are two beautiful destinations nestled in the picturesque Parvati Valley. A two- day trek to these amazing destinations will refresh your mind and body.  The Kasol-Kheerganga trek will not only take you to the stunning terrain of the mighty Himalayas but also offers a chance to explore the culture and lifestyle of the locals living the quaint villages. So many villages will come like Tosh, Pulga, Malana, Barshaini, and a few more that offer a great opportunity to explore the surroundings and to capture the beauty in your camera.

This amazing adventure starts with the famous hill station in the Parvati valley, Kasol. Barshaini village is the starting point where you can reach by a short drive from Kasol. The total trek is 12km which offers so many opportunities to explore the serene nature. You will find numerous gushing waterfalls on your way. Rudranag waterfall will offer you a great sight of nature. The splashing and alluring waterfalls are one of the highlights of the Kasol-Kheerganga trek.

After completing the 12km hike bypassing the waterfalls, gradual steep climbs, watching a variety of flora & fauna, forests of oaks & deodars, finally, you reach the highest point of the trek Kheerganga. 

All your fatigue will vanish by taking a dip into the hot water springs of Kheerganga. To beat the chilly weather step into the hot waters and relax. Soon, you will release all your stress and trek fatigue. According to some mythological facts, the hot springs of Kheerganga has some sacred healing properties in it. The place is very famous among Hindu-Sikh pilgrims. 

 All this with the vistas of snow-capped mountains will give you a memory to cherish forever. The Kheerganga top is at 13,000ft and offers splendid views of the snow-capped Himalayas along with the Parvati Valley.  Camping at Kheerganga will give you an amazing experience. The second you way back to Kasol from Kheerganga will give you a chance to see what you’ve missed on the first day. The trek is of easy grade and recommended to fit beginners and experienced trekkers.

The Evergreen Cafe at Kasol is a famous place to eat and to try Israeli cuisine. You will easily spot some tea-joints and local shops during the trek.

Once you have made the best memories in Kasol, and have saved the best pictures of the hamlet in your camera roll, don’t forget to tell everyone what you liked the most. To do so, you can add a review on Globo Surf.

Best Season to Visit

The best time or season to visit Kasol-Kheerganga is from April to May and October & November. The weather in summers remains pleasant with clear blue skies and bright sunny sun. In winters, the weather remains cold with chilly winds and snowfall. The temperature drops down in negatives and gives a great experience of camping. Avoid trekking in monsoons, due to heavy rains the trail becomes slippery and risky to hike on. 

How to Reach?

The best and convenient way to reach Kasol-Kheerganga is get down to Bhuntar town by taking a bus from Delhi and then take another local bus for Barshaini and start the trek towards Kasol. 

The nearest railhead is the Joginder Nagar station which is 143km from Kasol. Take a direct train from Delhi and reach Joginder Nagar station. Then a taxi or bus to reach Kasol.

The nearest airport is the Kullu Bhuntar airport which has connectivity from Delhi. 

Things to Carry:

Planning for a trek is not an easy task. One has to prepare with all the stuff and essentials. 

  • A medical kit – a small medical kit including all the common medicines, band-aids, pain relief sprays.
  • Eatables – Dryfruits, glucose biscuits, energy bars, packed food, chocolates.
  • Clothes- Carry minimum weight in your Backpack, pack according to the days. It will be good to carry 4-5 pairs of clothes. And thermal wear, scarfs, mufflers, caps, gloves, 2-3 pairs of socks and other essential daily clothes. 
  • Other things to carry – Trekking pole or walking stick, lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizers, necessary toiletries, book (if you like reading), flashlight, power bank, Binoculars.
  • Mandatory ID proofs
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Camera (if needed)
  • Water purification tablets
  • Extra polybags


  • The first thing which is very important is Physical fitness.

If you are planning to do this trek alone then you should be physically fit & fine because there will be no people around you who will help you out in some mishappening.

  • Plan a proper itinerary and tell your plan at least to one person. So that he/she should be informed in case of any emergency.
  • If you are undergoing some Medical treatment then, we highly advise you to not to do this trek. 
  • Kasol- Kheerganga is an easy to moderate trek. It is important to take proper safety measures and plan your trip accordingly and keeping in mind the weather conditions.
  • Do not litter. Keep the surroundings clean and green by following the leave no trace policy. 

This was all about the Kasol Kheerganga dream destination of solo travelers & backpackers. Plan your trip and make your trekking experience a memorable one.

Live. Travel. Explore!!

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