Reasons to Say Yes To Extended Warranty Companies

Reasons to Say Yes To Extended Warranty Companies

When the time comes to buy a new vehicle and your are given the choice of using one of those extended warranty companies to protect yourself for longer, the temptation is always to say no. This is perfectly understandable of course, after all you are already shelling out for the vehicle and the insurance, the last thing that you want to think about is the possibility of spending even more money, for something which you don’t even know whether or not you will use. 

This however would be a mistake and when you are offered an extended warranty at the point of purchase, the smart move is to say yes, and here is why. 

Passing It Along 

Many people will get a 3 years warranty automatically when they purchase the vehicle and then the extended option will likely cover them for a further two years. What many assume is that they will have got rid of the vehicle between the 3 and 5 year mark and so the extended warranty doesn’t make much sense. What many don’t understand however is that not only can that extended warranty be passed on to the new owner of the vehicle so that they can enjoy the benefits, but it actually makes your vehicle a more attractive investment to a buyer. 

Financial Peace of Mind

There is a lot to be said for financial peace of mind and this is something else which an extended warranty will be able to offer you. When things do go wrong with the vehicle they can be very expensive and you can bet your bottom dollar that this will happen when things are financially tight, that seems to be the way of the world. If however you have  an extended warranty then for those tow years you can be safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to keep money to one side in case something happens, and you will have the peace of mind of being completely covered against problems with your vehicle. 

Luck of The Draw

Ultimately the manufacturer is telling you that they absolutely guarantee their product for a minimum of 3 years, or whatever the original warranty happens to be. To add two years on to that is hedging your bets that the manufacturer is right, that something could potentially go wrong after the 3 year mark. You can guarantee that if you do not have this warranty in place, that something will go wrong after the 3 year mark. 

It is essential that you bear in mind just how complex cars are, we have more parts than ever before and that means more things can and will go wrong with the vehicle.  A warranty and an extended warranty will mean that you have absolute protection over all of those moving parts in the vehicle, should anything go wrong during your ownership of it. The temptation is to say no, but the smarter move is to say yes when offered the extended warranty. 

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