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With the expanse of nature at their doorstep, staggering 16 Unesco World Heritage Sites, breathtaking sceneries, mountain views numerous activities, and one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada is surely a country worth visiting. Whether your interests are river rafting or a live theater or anything else, Canada won’t disappoint you. If you are planning for your next trip to Canada, so surprise your family or friends with a planned trip. Just visit the alaska airlines official site right away and get your flight booking done instantly at very affordable rates and save more on every booking with enticing offers. Book now and explore Canada’s best beauty and charm places on your own. Canada is a perfect destination due to the following reasons:


The border between British Columbia and Alberta, Canadian Rockies has been popular ever since. It attracts outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and winter sports fanatic. Its breathtaking landscapes, natural beauty, and outdoor activities make it one of the reasons why you should visit Canada.


Deemed as the world’s friendliest folks, Canadians welcome visitors with open arms and treats them like no other. Canadians are known to be polite, kind, and has laid back lifestyles which are showcased even at airports.


Cities in Canada are known for being multicultural, clean, and safe. Every city in the country has its own distinct characteristics, making anyone’s experiences unique in every destination. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, and Montreal are known for having mountain peaks, gorgeous lakes, multicultural beliefs, and architecturally pleasing infrastructures. The combination of the busy city and natural wonders and highlighted by a touch of culture and traditions.


Canada is one blessed country to have a large number of eye-pleasing destinations. This country’s natural wonders will leave you in awe and in great admiration due to its diverse characteristics. The country has the most dramatic landscapes, gorgeous lakes, rainforest, mountain peaks, foliage’s and coastline, Canada really has it all. The Country also protects these natural wonders by preserving it in their rawest form which makes every tourist’s experience authentic.


Niagra Falls, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls caters to about 30 million tourists a year. They offer a scenic view highlighted with dashing light colors and have a lot of different cafes to enjoy both the fabulous and the scenic view. Activities to explore the beauty of the falls like boating, tours, and kayaking are also made available.


Adventure enthusiasts will never get bored when it comes to Canada’s outdoor activities. With the wide range of activity choices and relatively large uninhabited area visitors flocks into this country. Activities like skiing, kayaking, zip-lining, snowboarding, ice skating, biking, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing, and many more are offered in Canada.


The largest fireworks competitions in the world known as Celebration of light in Vancouver, Calgary Stampede, Winter festival in Quebec, Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Canadian Tulip Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and Celtic Colors International Festival in Novas Scotia are some of the most popular festivals in the country.


Due to Canada’s calm atmosphere, the Northern Lights are probably going to show up in the nation. This natural phenomenon is known to be entrancing and magical, the heavenly light is a display of the sun’s accused molecule cooperating of the particles and iotas of the Earth’s environment is a typical event in the nation.

Spots, where northern light is best seen, are; Whitehorse in Yukon, Fort McMurray in Alberta, Dempster interstate in Yukon, Yellowknife in Northwest Territories, Iqaluit in Nunavut, La Ronge in Saskatchewan, and Northern Labrador in Newfoundland.


In a tiny village of Churchill located On the shore of Hudson Bay, polar bears in their natural habitats can be seen and observed. Priming views are in mid-October and November where seals return due to the start of ice formations.


Canada is home to many winter resorts and winter activities. Snow adventures from east to west are the most obvious pastime in the country. Due to the climates, snowflakes tend to decorate mountains and lakes providing a touch of white to extenuate its beauty.


Due to its large area, the climate in the country varies differently, allowing activities all year round. Some cities in the country have moderate climates without much snow and spring while others have cold winters and abundant snowfall.

12. SAFE

Though the second largest country in the world, Canada has a relatively low population and low crime rates.


Canada’s famous local product, authentic maple syrup is definitely worth the visit. Maple leaf symbols are on the country’s national flag due to its imminent abundance.

14. French Heritage

Some of Canada’s citizens are descendants of colonial Era-French settlers. French influence is extending architecturally, in food and wine which is mostly found in Quebec and some areas in Montreal.

Last words

Canada undoubtedly has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, with its rich maritime culture, mountainous landscape, interesting French history, indigenous people, diverse landscape, and coastlines. Listed above are some of the limited reasons why you should visit this country, but in conclusion, the combination of everything listed above makes Canada loved. So, plan your trip and book delta airlines reservations right away to visit there and explore the best of Canada.

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