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When I heard that rising Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide, I was literally shocked. Where his last movie ‘Chicchore’ dealt with suicide so beautifully and explained that taking such a huge step is never an option, how can a successful actor fail. When I searched for the reason on Google, it was Depression! Alas, this was the last thing I wanted to hear. But guys, let’s take a few moments here not just to grieve the loss but to understand the importance of talking about mental health.

We might not be able to get the ‘Fault in our stars’ Hindi remake superstar back in our lives, we can polish our stars today with awareness so that no such news ever shocks us again. Let’s stand up against depression and anxiety strongly to enrich our thoughts for better tomorrow.

What Comedian Danish Sait to Deepika:

  • “My 3rd year through therapy and anti-depressants,” wrote Danish

  • “I don’t sleep at night without taking my cipralex tablet,” he added

  • “I would recommend not naming the medication you are on,” wrote Deepika

Here are the tweets by Deepika Padukone, replying to Danish :

she also wrote in her instagram Post  “As a person who has had a lived experience with mental illness, I cannot stress enough about the importance of reaching out”


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Why Do We Refrain From Talking About Mental Health?

  • Fear of being judged
  • Social stigma
  • Imagining that they don’t need us
  • Scared of treatment

Well, I would say only one thing here! It’s your life and you deserve to stay happy. Then why to let inner imaginations or social stigmas take over you? Oh dear, if you need any inspiration, see how Selena Gomez, Deepika Padukone, and Owen Wilson successfully emerged out of the blues and looked at the bright light at the end of the tunnel. If being a celebrity, they could, then why can’t you?

Moreover, check yourself if you need a therapist and stand up to break the stigma of mental health RIGHT NOW.

Why We SHOULD NOT Refrain Talking About Mental Health?

Your mind is a beautiful garden and this beautiful garden can be ploughed and flowered with wonderful thoughts. Sometimes, this garden is attacked by weeds and other harmful insects who try to overcome the beauty. And then we either give a day to clean it all or ask someone to help us so that this garden is shining tidy once again.

Did you get my point here? I know you are very smart and you will not refrain from talking about mental health anymore. Let me also quote you here why it’s time to start talking about mental health. FEEL PROUD!

  1. YOU ARE AN ICEBREAKER TO REMOVE THE STIGMA: Believe me or not, the society is dealing with this false plague since ages and you are not so weak to be burdened by the boundaries. Are you? NO WAY! So step up and talk.
  2. DISORDERS ARE GROWING, LET’S HELP UNCOMPLICATE THINGS: If you notice the occurrence of disorders, you would be shocked to find that major depressive disorders are rising at a huge percentage and you are not alone struggling with it.Help yourself and help others with one right step!
  3. DECREASE SUICIDE RATE: Mental health is arguably one of the most striking reasons for suicide. As we have seen the case of Sushant Singh Rajput and some other celebrities before, it is clear that poor mental health needs to be treated on time so that such extreme steps are not taken. Of course, none of us want our fans and loved ones to grieve in pain later.

Some Quick Tips To Check On Mental Health (If You Are Scared To Open Up At First)

Now we know that not everyone is ready to speak first and has hesitation. This is the reason I am giving you some tips to judge your own mental health.

  • Write a letter to your friend, sibling or someone trustworthy and express yourself, if face to face is not your idea. There is no way they will not help you back.
  • Talk to a psychologist or a therapist who doesn’t know you. Don’t worry, your privacy is always maintained.
  • Talk to yourself through journal writing. If you vent out your thoughts on a plain paper, you will be able to at least figure out things bothering you and even their solutions. Trust me!
  • Always remember that you are not alone! There are online therapy and counseling programs and anxiety support groups to assist you.

What’s Your Pledge?

The saddest truth about Sushant Singh Rajput was that many of his near and dear friends had the idea that he wasn’t in a happy state for a few months, as reported by the media. Yet, none of them stepped up. It’s high time and we need to talk about mental health now!

TAKE A PLEDGE TODAY! You will not let this happen to your near and dear ones in the future and keep checking on them as well as your own mental health. You will also speak up!

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