Server Issues Drastically Affect Your Website’s Performance and Positioning 

When a customer searches for your brand and fails to identify it, he or she will switch to the next alternative. And that’s your close competitor.

Research indicates that internet users expect a website to fully load within one second and a half of them within 2 seconds. Anything longer than this chases them away. When we consider the impact of server issues, you may not be losing money, but potential buyers as well.

Another consequence is a low conversion rate and a bad brand image. Overall, customers share their experiences and website glitches are a major cause of negative brand perceptions.

Website Performance & Positioning 

Speed is a great determinant for website performance and positioning. Apart from Google algorithms that tame websites on the internet, the need for user experience is essential. However, there is no way it is offered without a fast-loading website.

Fast-loading sites provide a competitive advantage over other websites. Ideally, they help welcome a larger audience that converts in the long run. The website’s speed also determines your ranking on SERPs. And, the interactivity is also enhanced.

Common Server Issues to Watch Out for! 

  • Slow Loading Pages 

More than half of website visitors confirm that they will abandon a site due to its slow speed. The server you choose can have a bad impact on the speed of your website. This can happen in case there aren’t enough resources on the server or, if at all, the website is large.

For a large site, like a shopping website, consider a server that serves it only. This will help it accommodate the increase in traffic and as well provide a smooth interaction.

  • Hardware or Software Malfunctions 

Every business can experience a hardware or software problem at one point in time. However, centers with no means to support websites may make things worse. Ensure to work with a digital agency that is equipped and fully ready to tackle any hardware and software damage.

  • Security Concerns 

Any online business should prioritize its security. This will not only keep your data safe, but it will also protect your clients from cybercrimes—another issue is-viruses. Utilize proven web design solutions to protect you from virus related security concerns.

Dealing with Server Issues

Here are some of the approaches to tackle your server problems

Be Quick to Identify the Problem 

Server problems commonly happen in case of weather issues, power failures, and power outages. Sometimes, a sudden increase in the site’s visitors can cause a server to fail. Check your IP address and if there are no desirable results, try to contact your network administrator.

Once you determine the problem, be quick to solve the issue and take proactive measures to prevent similar incidences in the future.

Choose to work with an experienced administrator who will perfectly over-see your server and website performance. Scaling up your website may also be necessary for it to handle traffic hikes and prevent glitches. By so doing, it will improve customer experience and serve them better.

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