The risks associated with missing teeth

Missing teeth can cost you much more than just your appearance. They are much more than only a cosmetic problem. Whether you are missing a single tooth or several teeth, it is bound to raise the chances of long-term oral health issues. At Gupta dental clinic we specialize in taking care of your dental health.

Let’s look at the types of hidden health risks associated with tooth loss:

  1. The remaining teeth surrounding the missing tooth or teeth gradually start shifting into the spaces left open. Such changes often need to be rectified by orthodontic treatments which may be more expensive and time-consuming as compared to the teeth restoring dental procedures.
  2. Unnatural shifting of teeth as mentioned above can also cause additional bite problems and even in some cases severe pain in the Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ.
  3. The vacant spaces created due to missing teeth increase the risk of gum diseases. Food particles easily accumulate in these areas, and the site soon becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which may lead to plaque and tartar development. If left untreated for long, this can eventually result in serious gum diseases.
  4. The ability to chew and speak can be severely impaired if you are missing several teeth. If this isn’t treated immediately, it can cause further health complications. For instance, if the food is not chewed properly, it will not enter your system as it usually should. As a result of which the digestion can suffer. The inability to eat raw fruits and vegetables can devoid your body of essential nutrition which may result in poor general health.
  5. Tooth loss is inevitably followed by the loss of jaw bone. The gradual deterioration of jawbones affects the facial structure as it is instrumental in determining how the face ‘drapes’ over this bone. This results in what is commonly known as a sagging face which gives an older appearance. This may lead to lower self-esteem and decreased confidence, especially in public settings.

So, what are the options to replace missing teeth? Dental implants are one of the most commonly preferred options when it comes to addressing the problem of missing teeth. Here’s why:

  • Dental implants help prevent bone loss as they are made of titanium – a material that has a unique ability to fuse with the living bone. Hence, it eventually becomes a permanent part of the jaw bone. The implants stabilize and stimulate the bone to help maintain its density and volume.
  • Dental Implants assist you in looking and feeling younger because they prevent the bone loss that would normally occur with the loss of your teeth. By preventing the bone loss that would normally occur with the loss of teeth, your facial structures remain normal and intact. The chances of wrinkling and looking older then you are is less likely if your jaw bone stays intact and does not resorb away.
  • By replacing the entire tooth, as well as the tooth root, it is possible to more closely replicate the function of natural teeth then with dentures, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. Also, nothing in the mouth looks or feels false or artificial like complete dentures!
  • They feel and function in a way similar to the natural teeth.
  • Dental implant surgery has a much higher rate of success as compared to other tooth replacement dental procedures.
  • Depending on the oral care, patient’s bone health, experience of the oral surgeon who performs the dental implant surgery, etc., dental implants can last for a lifetime.

Besides dental implants, bridges and dentures are also used for tooth replacement. These options, however, involve some amount of risk as they may cause damage to the adjacent teeth or the anatomical structures on which they rest. For instance, fixed dental bridges depend on support on two adjacent teeth which must be filed down and capped. This can make the filed teeth prone to decay, cavities or even root canal issues. In the case of removable partial dentures, anchorage onto existing teeth is required. This may loosen the existing teeth over a period of time. Whereas, full dentures might put pressure on the bony ridges that support the teeth. This increases the chances of accelerated bone loss.

Both these options may be less expensive as compared to best dental Implants in GTB Nagar. However, dental implants are an investment worth making, given its long-term and more beneficial results.

We at Gupta Dental Clinic in Gupta colony, offer exceptional and highly customized services for tooth or teeth restorations. To know more about how you can benefit from improved oral health and a flawless smile, get in touch with us today. You can also find us at GTB Nagar and Vijay

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