5 Tips to Design Your Business Card

Business Card

In a competitive market, space businesses can leave no stone unturned. While marketing efforts have become mostly digital, the significance of business cards in creating a presence in the physical world cannot be negated. And if your job requires you to meet new people regularly or you need to develop a local business, looking for business card printing services is probably on your mind. Business can be a great way to introduce your business to your potential client and set the right tone for the business. Hence, creating a business card that portrays your business most professionally is crucial. Below are some tips for you to get your card design right.

Pick the card type

Each business is unique, so you need a business card that is an extension of your business. There are numerous business cards available like black cards, embossed cards, foil cards, kraft cards, standard cards, spot UV cards, duplex cards and so on.

If you have a creative business, you may use the business card to show off a bit of creativity. If you represent your business, you can include a photo of yours on the card. So, you can have anything from a simplistic to an elegant finish when you pick the right type of card for your business.

Get the right logo

You must make sure that the size of the logo is appropriate so that it can be recognised when shrunk to minute proportions. If the logo is too complex or has too many characters, it may not appear clearly on the card’s surface. So, if your business has a complicated logo appropriate for signs or websites, you may replace it with a related logo designed especially for the business cards.

Information to include

You must ensure that the business card printing services put in just the essential information that will direct the customers or prospects to your website or social media accounts to find more details. The basic information your card should have are the company name and logo, your name, job title and contact information (contact address, phone number, email address, website address, social media pages and company slogan).

Be careful about the colour scheme

An effective way to communicate with the customers is by choosing a suitable colour scheme. The colour scheme is usually indicative of the brand values and qualities. Colours can be vibrant, modern or neutral. Bright colours could be appropriate if you try to make a bold statement and stand out. If you want a more sophisticated look, white background with a simplistic design would be apt.

Don’t compromise readability

When it comes to fonts, it is best to refrain from experimentation and stick with ones that look professional and are easy to read. The two fonts you can choose are Helvetica and sans serif. Also, don’t forget the font size to ensure that readability is not compromised when trying to fit in a lot of information.

If you wish to communicate more but cannot fit all the information, you can include a QR code on the back of your business card. It will direct people to the relevant pages enabling you to communicate all the information and adding a modern touch to your business.

A professional and well-designed business card can help forge a solid customer relationship. Also, it can be an efficient way to increase networking in the industry and market your products. So, a professionally designed business card can go a long way to differentiate your business and help create an excellent first impression.

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