Ultimate Travel Guide to Spend Days in Dubai, Cheap & Secure

Who doesn’t love travelling? A majority of the people love to travel. They love to break the monotony of their daily lives and escape from their busy schedule. Travelling not only helps us learn but also help us expanding our perspective by meeting people with diverse cultures. Dubai is one of the best places that would make your travel worthwhile. Starting from learning new things, challenging yourself for adventures, meeting with diverse cultures to just enjoying life, you’ll find everything in Dubai. Dubai is really a fascinating city that definitely deserves a place in your travel list. Need help in planning your trip to Dubai? Here’s your ultimate travel guide that would make you enjoy the city and that too at cheap prices.

Travel to Dubai

Landing in Dubai is not a big deal. The good news for US travellers is if you have a US passport you don’t need to get a visa. You can opt for any airlines maybe Ethiad, Emirates or Qatar. Generally if you are lucky enough, the Emirates have an offer called the 2 for 1 Skyscanner airfare deal which allows 2 passengers to travel at the rate of one. Try and grab these offers.

Accommodation & Fooding

Arranging an accommodation in Dubai might take up quite a part of your budget. If you are looking for cheap accommodation options, there are hostels that charge around 125 AED for just a dorm. A private room may cost around 300 AED. But, if you are planning to opt for hotels, you’ll find plenty of them. Mid range hotels cost here around 300 AED and there’s not a definite limit for the luxurious ones. So, choose your accommodation based on your budget. Coming to food, Dubai is famous for multicultural cuisines. So you’ll get anything that you want to eat (other than pork). Expect to pay around 350 AED per person for a full day food at a decent restaurant. One of the best and cheap options would be to order food online through Deliveroo. Don’t forget to search for Deliveroo voucher codes before ordering.

Exploring Dubai:


  • Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world is definitely worth a visit. It stands at 2700 ft and offers panoramic and mesmerizing views of the city.
  • The Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping malls. This is definitely one of the must visit places in Dubai. Not only is this place amazing for shopping but also magnificent for many other activities. The ground floor of this mall has an aquarium and underwater zoo which is full of aquatic life and is home to over 33000 marine life.
  • Ski Dubai, the largest indoor sky park of the world with 6000 tons of snow in an amazing place for people who love skiing. This place has real penguins too and it gives a very natural feeling.
  • Global Village, the region’s most popular cultural destination is a perfect mix of enjoying social life. With dining, live performances and shopping this is an ideal place for families to spend time.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest natural flower garden is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers. It has millions of varieties of colourful flowers that will simply blow your mind.


Apart from these other wonderful places to visit are the desert safari, the Dubai museum, the marina, the Jumeirah beach park and the list is endless. 

Bonus Tips:

Here are some bonus tips for you that will surely help you in saving money while travelling Dubai.  

  1. Look for Discounts and Offers: Try looking for the Emirates offer while travelling. That would really help you save a lot. Try and search for Groupon discount codes as Groupon is very common in Dubai and offers packages at low rates too. They also offer amazing discounts on accommodations, restaurants and other travelling activities.
  2. Choosing your accommodation: This is very important as this would you affect your cost of travelling in Dubai. So it would be great if you could choose your accommodation near a subway stop so that you are connected to the entire city at very low costs.
  3. Transportation: Try using public transport wherever possible as they are cheap and would help you save a lot when compared to private rented cars.
  4. Choose your time: It is important that you plan your travel time wisely. Dubai is hot and you would certainly not want the heat to drain out all your energy. Visit Dubai during the winters after November.

So this was all about getting started for a Dubai trip. Feeling energetic and pumped up? Why wait? Pack your bags and get started.

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