How People Are Using Dating Apps as a Form of Entertainment

Dating Apps

Dating apps are quickly becoming the hottest topic across the globe among young singles. However, even those who are middle-aged find themselves using dating apps for casual hookups. Many people of all ages are using these apps as a form of entertainment rather than just when looking for relationships.

According to officials from some of the biggest dating apps today, increased use during the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates that many people are turning to these apps to keep themselves busy. That said, let us look at how people are using dating apps as a form of entertainment.

Increased Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As hinted, there is the increased use of dating apps during the current coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in some dating apps adding a feature for dating from home. Well, even with lockdowns and travel bans, life does not stop.

Dating from home is increasing since people have a lot of time. This has resulted in lovers exchanging more messages and video calls online. When asked, many people said they need to stay entertained when they are indoors. The internet has become a crucial source of entertainment, and dating apps have really become indispensable.

Dating Apps for Hookups

There is a lot of general information about dating apps on the web. What people do not understand is that they are frequently used for hookups, especially those over the weekend. This is more of a form entertainment since people hook up for casual sex with no strings attached.

Students are also joining the trend of casual relationships and hookups using dating apps. The best thing is that dating apps show you people around your university who are interested in such an arrangement, and you can quickly hook up to have fun.

A Game to Pass the Time

Unfortunately, many young people are turning to dating apps to pass time. After perusing through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you are still left with a lot of time especially when stuck in a commuter bus due to traffic or when waiting for a class.

This has resulted in young people engaging in multiple casual relationships where they can video chat whenever they have free time or hook up over the weekend if they do not have anything else to do. If you check thoroughly, quite a large number of dating app users are not there to look for serious relationships leading to marriage but instead engage in the pastime activity of connecting with multiple partners.

Dating Apps Continue Changing

Well, if you check the popular dating apps, they keep rebranding and adding amazing features, while new apps continue to hit the market. This triggers curiosity and active engagement among young people, who want to check out the updated and new apps. Many claims that these changes keep them entertained.


If you have been using different dating apps as if they were social media platforms, you are there to be entertained rather than find love. However, there are those who seriously seek lovers, and once they find love on a dating app, they log out of these apps.

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