5 Things You Should Do When You Visit Burj Khalifa

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Burj Khalifa is an awesome sight to behold as it towers over the spectacular city of Dubai. With its huge size and inspiring nature, this mega skyscraper attracts both locals and international visitors. Being the tallest building globally, it is among one of the must-see things while visiting Dubai.

However, while visitors love gazing at the Bruh Khalifa all the time, not many of them are aware of the great entertainment inside the Burl Khalifa. If you are not sure of some exciting things to do while visiting Dubai, this article will be beneficial to you as it describes some of the amazing things you can do while visiting the Burj Khalifa.

1. Get to enjoy the breathtaking views of Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa

First of all, before traveling to Dubai, be sure to get your Burj Khalifa tickets from Burj Khalifa as they offer tickets at great deals.

Many people are familiar with the ‘At the Top’ adventure in Burj Khalifa, but you probably don’t know what it is all about. Among the interesting facts, you should know about Burj Khalifa because globally, it has the second-highest observation deck. You can find the observation decks in certain Burj Khalifa flows, which are; 124th, 148th, and 125th floors. From these observation towers, you get to see a 360º view of the city of Dubai.

Observation decks found on the 124th and 125th floors are collectively known as At the Top Burj Khalifa. They offer various activities that as visitors, you can indulge in. you can explore the world below you visually by the use of the powerful next-generation telescopes that are installed on the 124th-floor observation deck that is found outdoors.

On the 125th floor, you get to experience various things that you can do while visiting the Burj Khalifa. You can:

  • Fly over Dubai virtually- having a Falcon’s Eye View
  • Note that the glass floor you step on tends to crack while walking on it. there are no safety issues to worry about since the experience is just an immersive experience to make exploring the mega skyscraper a bit more fun
  • Have a virtual reality experience of the feeling of being at the Burj Khalifa’s pinnacle

You get to experience what it is like to be at the top of the world once you get to the height of 555 meters. The 148th floor has an outdoor terrace where you can get personal guided tours. Besides having a bird-eye view of Dubai, you can involve yourself in an interactive experience to use monitor sensors to see the spectacular landmarks in Dubai.

2. The Dubai Mall

In terms of total area, the Dubai Mall is the largest globally. While regarding the gross leasable area, it’s the fifth-largest mall in the world. The mall is an inclusion of the Burj Khalifa complex, and it features 1200 shops.

Some shops in the Dubai Mall offer online shopping services where you can buy products using the online coupons they offer. Be sure to take advantage of a coupon code as you will enjoy great deals on products by getting discounts and even buying more products.

Some of the attractions around the mall are the fashion catwalk atrium, Oasis fountain waterfall, SEGA indoor theme park, gold and jewelry outlets where you can shop using voucher codes, waterfront Atrium, and more.

The mall also has a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 22 cinema screens, and 120 cafes and restaurants. These are but some of the sections you can enjoy while visiting the mall that is not so far from the Burj Khalifa.

3. For a sugar rush experience, go to Candylicious

If you have children, this will be the best spot to go with them. Children love candy and they can access a wide range of confectionary all at the same time. Candylicious have an open store At The Top Burj Khalifa and don’t forget to use a coupon code while buying candy for your children so that they can have an awesome sugar experience.

4. Having a relaxing experience at the Burj Club

If you wish to have a relaxing experience at the Burj Khalifa, then you would want to head over to the Burj club. The club offers a spa, rooftop section for a great blend of luxury, fitness, recreation, and a world-class gym. Ladies have an inclusive level for a great spa experience and a gym that is well appointed.

You can dine at the rooftop, lounge away with some shisha in the outdoor ambiance, or go swimming in the pool. The Burj Club is also a great place to hang out with friends while enjoying a few drinks. The club is also trendy as it offers premium services to its customers. It can also act as a sanctuary as it helps you escape from your stressful routine life.

5. Dine at Dubai’s poshest restaurants

You can try out the top-not restaurants as you visit the Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest building is known for the posh lifestyle that it promotes. The restaurants in Burj Khalifa will surely take your taste buds for an awesome adventure of great tastes. You can try exploring restaurants such as; AT.mosphere, Amal, Ristorante, Armani lounge, Deli, Mediterraneo, and Hashi


Many people consider visiting the Burj Khalifa as a lifetime experience as it surpasses its expectations by giving value to your money. This unique structure can be said to be a must-visit.  

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