8 factors that affect hair extension boxes production badly

hair extension packaging boxes

You would have seen that mostly hair extension packaging boxes are used for packing the beauty items in the industry. Creating these boxes for your business is a great decision. If designed correctly, they can do wonders for you, such as saving you money and making your products more visible. However, if you are not careful in the designing process, there are some factors that can ruin all your effort. You need to account for those factors to ensure good packaging for your precious products. Most manufacturers still are not aware of factors that should be taken into account. The following guide ensures that you are keeping the 8 most common mistakes in your mind while designing the hair extension packages.

Poor quality materials:

A common mistake often repeated by the marketers is the use of poor quality materials during the production of hair extension boxes. Selecting some incorrect materials will compromise the strength of your packaging to protect the fragile hair extensions. For instance, opting for a glass material that can break away easily will make your beauty products prone to damage. To eliminate the risk of damage, always prefer to use quality materials for your boxes such as bux board or Kraft stock. These materials are best known for their ultra-protective characteristics and offer absolute protection to your beauty items.

Inappropriate Size:

Choosing the incorrect size of your hair extension packaging boxes is another blunder which the marketers make. If you are designing a packaging that is relatively larger than the size of the product or vice versa, this item may slip, and its movement will not be restricted inside. This will increase the chances of risk as your object might break inside the box before it is delivered to the customers. Therefore, it would be wise to select the size of your packaging based on the nature of the product.

Wrong print placement:

Choosing the right placement of your printing can turn the heads of the customers towards you. These heads will also be turning if you are printing at the incorrect locations of your boxes but for the wrong reason. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the location exactly at which your design will be printed. Printing some text on the imagery could ruin all your designs. Similarly, printing at the corners and sides will only incur an extra amount of money because the customers will not be able to see the printed stuff.

Poor choice of colors:

Incorporating some ineffective color themes can also prove catastrophic for your hair extension packaging design. Selecting the colors without understanding the psychology behind them is a common mistake that can be avoided. Just know the feelings and emotions that different colors evoke in the customers when they see your packaging. For instance, the yellow color invokes some strong feelings, while the red one reflects danger-bearing emotions. Choose these colors according to your brand theme, and they should reflect the inside contents as well.

Less than the required information:

You must understand that modern-day consumers like to make informed decisions. Therefore, you cannot afford to provide your consumers with less information than that is required. The customers want to evaluate different products by seeing the information printed on their outside packaging. After getting the required information, they decide whether to go for the product or not. All the required information about the item you are selling, such as its expiry date, the direction of use, or warnings, etc., must be printed on your hair extension packages.

Incorrect typography:

Typography is the visual component of the printed word and is not the text itself. Any text that is printed on your hair extension packages involves some degree of typography. Incorrect typography such as complex fonts will increase the difficulty level for the readers, and the printed stuff will become impossible to read. This leads to the loss of the customer’s interest in your product, which you cannot afford. Always use the correct type of fonts such as sans-serif, slab-serif, or script that make the printed stuff easy to read.

Poor sealing:

Inappropriate sealing of the hair extension packages can increase the risk level. The poor sealing will make your hair extensions vulnerable to external weather conditions. For example, the air or dust particles can get inside easily, which will damage the original posture of your valuable beauty items. To eliminate this, proper sealing should be done through lamination. You can opt for inside waxing as well, which will protect the delicate beauty items from any type of potentially damaging element.

Unsuitable packaging style:

Another common mistake made by the manufacturers is selecting unsuitable packaging styles for packing the hair extensions. Imagine selecting the gable box style for packaging your beauty items. By seeing this packaging style, the customers will perceive that some kinds of food items are packed inside. Above all, your brand will look highly unprofessional, and the customers will lose confidence in you. Select the right packaging style, such as a custom sleeve box, as, inside it, the hair extensions will look elegant.

Concluding to the point that there are some factors that should be kept in mind while designing the hair extension packaging boxes for your products. Making them in the wrong size can cause damage to the inside contents. Similarly, inappropriate sealing can let some potentially damaging elements inside to affect the originality of your items. All these mistakes should be avoided to design the best packages for your objects.

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