A Blanket Cover Improves The Aesthetics Of Your Bedroom

An aesthetically planned bedroom is a must-have these days and contemporary interior designers spend hours and hours with their clients in figuring out themes for the bedroom that are soothing and relaxing.

People expect their bedrooms to look great and one of the simplest ways that they adopt to improve the aesthetics of their bedroom is to place a beautifully designed blanket cover on top of their beds. This works wonders because as per experts, a bed is a center-piece in a bedroom and occupies a pivotal position. When a blanket cover is placed on it, the colors and design of the blanket cover gel with the overall theme of the bedroom and create a stunning effect.

Which blanket covers are the best?
While no thumb rule can say which blanket cover is the best, there some pointers that one can adopt when buying a Blanket Cover Online.

  • Choose a blanket cover that looks good to your eyes and appeals to your tastes. If you have chosen a design, then share it with your partner or spouse as well – after all, you both share a bedroom.
  • Choose a thin blanket cover or near-about the thickness of a duvet cover. Don’t choose a very thick blanket cover, since it is just a decorative cover that will provide a more tailored look to your bed.
  • If you plan to use your blanket cover during winter, especially to provide you warmth, then choose a one that is made up of multiple layers of fabric. Alternatively, you can choose a single-layered blanket cover that is made from a thicker fabric.

What are the ways to use blanket covers decoratively?

Ever wondered why hotel rooms look so attractive and pleasing?
The reason is because hotels instruct their house-keeping staff to be creative when using blanket covers. The standard instruction is that if a blanket cover is used in combination with a duvet cover, then it is to be folded in 3rds at the foot of the bed. Sometimes hotel staff also tucks in blanket covers to provide a stylish look.

In case you are buying blanket covers online, then make sure that the product also includes matching shams in the same fabric as the blanket cover.

Which is the best material for making blanket covers?
As blanket covers are mainly used for decoration purposes, they are mostly made out of material that looks pleasing to the eyes and has good aesthetics. Commonly used materials are cotton, silk, wool, and linen.

When buying blanket covers online you get a lot of choices and can make a proper selection of materials. Not only that, depending upon the theme of your bedroom, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs. For example, blanket covers with geometrical shapes, contemporary colors, trendy messages, or customized finishes.

Some blanket covers serve the purpose of concealing thick layers of bedding, while others are lightweight and prove useful only in cool areas, or while traveling, since they do not provide much insulation.

Some blanket covers are also made with a blend of flexible plastic. The plastic is tear-resistant, lightweight and flexible and has a high quality approved zipper. For safekeeping, the blanket is stored in the cover and the zip is fastened.

What are the main types of blanket covers?
Broadly speaking blanket covers are manufactured in two types:

  • Quilted blanket covers
  • Woven blanket covers

The main difference between the two types is in their style and thickness. A quilted blanket cover is thin and lightweight since it has a thin layer of insulation between the upper and lower layers of cloth. If you have old blankets at home, then instead of discarding them, you can cover them with quilted blanket covers. Quilted blanket covers serve as ideal articles to decorate your bedroom.

A woven blanket cover, on the other hand, is used for home decoration purposes or in hotels. It is made up of cotton, silk or wool and comes in different colors and designs.

Blanket covers are of different types and made from different materials. Based on this they carry different price tags and therefore when buying blanket covers online, one must make a careful selection.

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