Designing your Patio 101

Patio 101

One may have a more pleasant and valuable meal outside with commercial-grade patio furniture. An outdoor table comes in various designs, colours, materials, forms, and more. Outdoor furniture is an investment, so do your homework before buying.


Whether for a large party or some quiet time in the sun, patios are a popular place to spend time outdoors. Once you’ve figured out what you’ll be doing on your patio and how much room you have, you can pick from various patio furniture options.

Dining Sets

It’s nice to have excellent dining set for when you have guests around, whether they’re all your relatives or just your significant other. Dining tables are available in a wide range of sizes and forms, allowing you to find the right fit for your home regardless of how many guests you regularly entertain. Dining sets are complete with a table and matching chairs and may be found in many different designs and materials.

The umbrella term “dining sets” include a wide variety of more specific types of tableware, such as casual sets, bistro settings, counter sets, and bar sets. These vary in size and purpose, but all serve primarily as eating tables. Bistro sets, for instance, consist of a small table and two seats. In contrast to formal dining room furniture, bar and counter sets are tall and designed for informal gatherings.

Lounge Sets

Lounge sets can include a variety of seating options, as well as occasional tables and coffee tables. Visualise the indoor living space relocated to the great outdoors. Most lounge sets have soft cushions for extra relaxation. Aside from the dining table, they may serve as a central gathering spot and seating area in your event room.


It’s unnecessary to buy a complete patio set to have a beautiful outside space. You may arrange the furniture in your room as you choose with separate pieces of seats. You may personalise the feel of your patio by selecting chairs from a wide range of alternatives in terms of finish, material, colour, and size.


While a dining table is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a patio in someone’s backyard, there are plenty of other options. You may use an outdoor table for coffee, conversation, a fire pit, bar, console, end table, or whatever else you can think of! Explore the many sizes, heights, and functions of tables to find the perfect fit for your needs and space.


Artificial Teak

Artificial Teak is Waterproof, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and lightweight and is designed with summer and the beach in mind. Plastic teak is a more durable alternative to natural teak wood.

Wash with soapy water to clean. Please do not use the item until it has been thoroughly rinsed with soap and dried.


Many have a powder coating for defence against the weather. Durable despite its lightweight build. Very malleable and flexible. Protected against moisture and rust.

  1. Easy to care for.

To clean, use soap and water, then rinse. Touch up the paint as needed to keep the finish in good condition and prevent oxidation.


Easy to transport, lightweight, and cheap. The painting and sealing processes can be skipped. Safe from flames. Durable enough to resist breaking, peeling, or fading.

Use a mildew-preventative cleaner and water to rinse.

Faux Rattan

Feels a little bit rural, seaside, and rustic. Defiant against the elements, low in weight, simple to maintain, and recyclable.

Clean with a gentle detergent, then rinse.

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