BB Creams: Multiple Problems, One Solution

BB cream

Beauty balm (or blemish balm cream) has quickly become a staple in every woman’s cosmetic bag. Makeup enthusiasts are already well aware of BB cream’s advantages. BB cream contains a wide range of advantages for the skin and is simple to use. BB cream in Australia has gained popularity since people have recognised its benefits.

It makes your skin seem radiant and keeps it supple and hydrated. A BB cream is the best solution if you want to seem like you aren’t wearing any makeup. A BB cream in Australia can typically cost anywhere between $10 to $100. It is due to the presence of various brands in Australia as it is gaining popularity and the market is growing.

For what reasons should one use BB cream?

It’s a one-stop shop for your skin care needs. Two or three different products’ worth of advantages is packed into one convenient container. Because of this, you can save both time and money.

Here are arguments that favour using BB cream as a foundation

Treatments that do more than one thing at once

A combination of skincare and cosmetics, BB creams have several uses. Multiple skin care advantages can be realised from a single application.

According to green beauty expert and makeup artist Maria Velve, they combine the benefits of a tinted moisturiser, anti-ageing moisturiser, and sunscreen all in one. She explains that you may reduce the number of products and chemicals used and save time since they contain a mixture of many elements.

Ease of use

A BB cream’s coverage is light and dewy, never thick and cakey. BB cream may be used easily because it can be rubbed into the skin with the fingertips.

BB creams are light enough to be worn beneath a standard foundation for individuals needing extra coverage.

Hide skin flaws and defects without causing inflammation

It is recommended to use a BB cream if your skin is prone to acne and you want to hide imperfections. When it comes to pimples, it’s helpful to have a BB cream on hand because of the calming minerals included in its creation. The product’s lighter texture lets the face breathe, and its reduced ingredient list would benefit acne-prone skin.

Compared to the combined total of moisturiser, foundation, and sunscreen, which may easily reach 70 or more, a typical drugstore brand of BB cream in Australia typically contains just about 40 SPF.

Best practices for using BB cream

If you’re looking for a substitute for foundation, try a BB cream.

The moisturiser in a BB cream may be sufficient for oily skin types. However, a moisturiser could be necessary before BB cream for those with dry skin.

The following procedure is suggested for putting on BB cream:

  • After cleansing and using other skincare products, such as serums or moisturisers, apply BB cream.
  • You may apply the cream with your fingertips, a makeup sponge, or a foundation brush. Please be patient as the product absorbs into your skin.
  • Cover up any flaws with concealer and foundation for full coverage. While setting powder isn’t necessary for BB cream, it may be helpful for concealer.
  • Those who want to stay in the sun for extended periods in Australia should use extra sun protection as the heat can get intolerable.

How can you know whether a BB cream is suitable for you?

Mary Irwin, a celebrity makeup artist, has said that humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerine help keep the skin hydrated. She also enjoys the cooling and moisturising effects of cucumbers and aloe.

Irwin also recommends switching to hypoallergenic products rather than those with added fragrances if you have sensitive skin. Having SPF in a BB cream is a plus, of course.

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