What You Need to Know About Anti-Pollution Skincare Products

Anti-Pollution Skincare Products

In the skincare industry, anti pollution products are the newest trend. These products are promising to combat harmful particles associated with pollution in major cities, as people struggle to cope with an increasingly toxic atmosphere. By removing nanoparticles from the air or by creating a protective barrier, these products help to protect the skin from pollutants. What are the effectiveness of anti-pollution skincare products?

Protecting the Environment Is Essential

City dwellers around the world continue to struggle with poor air quality, leading to an increase in demand for anti-pollution beauty products. 

Many people today are looking for ways to protect their bodies from the pollution micro-particles that cause their skin to age at a similar rate to that of the sun. This year alone, online searches for anti-pollution skincare products increased by 73 percent. Pollution is still a concern to many people due to the harmful effects that it has on the skin and the aging process that it brings about.

We are seeing an increased global demand for skincare that combats pollution-related skin concerns like dull skin, inflammation, sensitized skin, blemishes, clogged pores and accelerated aging on a daily basis.

Skin Problems Are Caused by Pollution

Certain pollutants in the atmosphere have been linked to skin problems in studies. In a study conducted by the University of British Columbia, it was found that nitrogen dioxide is linked with dark spots on the skin. 

Car exhaust and power plant emissions are sources of nitrogen dioxide.

There is no doubt that people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of pollution, but cities continue to have air quality problems. The World Health Organization released a study about air pollution in 2016 which stated that over the previous five years it had increased by eight percent. As a result, almost every year the public is warned about hazardous levels of air pollution in densely populated cities around the world – such as Delhi and Beijing.

A Growing Problem Is the Issue of Indoor Pollution as Well

There is also something people should be concerned about when it comes to the air quality indoors when it comes to skincare. It is well known that the indoor environment contains a variety of pollutants, from cooking and heating to cleaning products that off-gas into the environment. All of these can harm your skin in the long run. In the midst of all the pollution people are battling at every turn, it’s not surprising that the anti-pollution skincare industry has exploded in recent years.

What Is the Mechanism by Which Anti-Pollution Skincare Works?

In a similar way to sunscreens, anti-pollution products shield the skin from harmful dust particles. They also remove pollution from the skin after you’ve been exposed to it. One of the most popular products of this type are beauty masks that are able to clean the skin at a deeper level than traditional masks. Peach and Lilly, for example, manufacture a series of anti-pollution masks as well as other microparticle reduction products that are aimed at reducing the effects of microparticles on the human body.

Despite their ability to remove nanoparticles, these products have not been proven to be effective by scientific studies. As anti-pollution skincare has not been around for too long, there is little data available. Furthermore, the products are only applied once a day, and after they are removed the exposed skin is once again exposed.

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