Benefits of Armco Barriers – Do they Actually Work?

Armco Barriers

To answer the question, yes, the Armco barrier works almost every time. Armco crash barriers are used to protect public areas, especially in high accident-prone zones to protect anyone from the impact of a huge crash. A vehicle colliding with a crash barrier would be less serious than going forward uncontrollably and crashing into something far more dangerous.

The major point to be noted here is that Armco barrier or the guardrail used in it are not designed to stop moving vehicles. They are designed to reduce and control the impact of the collision. How does this happen? Various factors make it happen which are as follows:

Materials Used: These barriers are made of steel that feels very rigid and strong. It can be flexible through its corrugated profile. The internal structure of the steel makes use of flexible properties that allows it to bend under high impact. The energy produced from the collision would be then diverted and absorbed from the vehicle. The energy of the collision thus gets spread across a wider area and thus reduces the force of the impact.

Design: The barrier is designed in such a way that its impact is redirected along the line of the barrier. This prevents the vehicle from re-joining the carriageway or from turning over or around. As the barrier might have some influence on the direction of travel of the colliding vehicle, it would reduce the risk of other road users who otherwise might get impacted.

Testing: The crash barriers should meet the stringent safety regulations that are set by the Government to be used on high-speed roadways. This includes various tests to confirm that the barrier won’t break off on impact or enter the vehicle compartment and harm the passengers and if it prevents the vehicle from rolling during or after the impact.

 Benefits of Armco Barriers

Reduces the impact of collision: Armco barrier can reduce the impact and limit of a vehicle collision. This is because the barriers are made of safety standard corrugated steel that can absorb energy from the impact.

Cheaper Option: When compared with other forms of safety protection, these barriers can be an inexpensive solution to gap health and safety, may it be at the workplace or in car parks, or on roads.

Quick to Install: These barriers are made of standard parts that can be customised to suit the circumstances. The installation is quick and there are no specialist parts require. There are no complex plans or drawings involved in this process.

Versatile: These can be a versatile option to protect people, property, and assets against potential harm and damage from moving vehicles – accidental or intentional. The barriers not only offer roadside protection but also are used to protect the utility areas such as car parks, warehouses, schools, and wherever there is a need for collision protection.

 Armco barrier offers stable and strong protection. It is a security feature that can be easily adapted to any environment. They are made of standard manufactured parts and can be assembled and installed efficiently and quickly. Besides this, it can also be customised to suit the environment. 

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