Baby Clothes Shopping: Five Things to Remember

Baby Clothes Shopping

Most people would never be over baby shopping and frequently feel that they are missing out on something. Undeniably you will need pretty much baby clothes and change them every time it gets stained. Some parents may say a big ‘no’ to diapers for their newborns, which directs them to buy more outfits on reserve. For meeting all needs and comfort, baby bodysuits are must-haves! They are complete outfits and suits, especially for newborns, with their versatile features. Most bodysuits come in sizes that can stick to a minimum of three months. So, you can stack them according to your growing baby’s age until they turn a toddler.

Bodysuits are one-piece clothing that you can use to cover your baby while feeding to prevent staining on their clothes or as a fashionable outfit, all set to sleep! Bodysuits also act as excellent winter wear when layered over some pyjamas and shirts. Moreover, Australians have turned quickly to online shopping for baby essentials as the pandemic hit. With this trend surging, how to safely shop for babies is a lingering question among most parents.

Five tips to buying bodysuits like a pro

If it’s your first baby, then shopping like a pro can seem almost absurd! But here are five tips to remember while you shop for baby bodysuits,

  • Know the size

Shopping bodysuits online can be pretty easy since, most times, you get the sizes corresponding to the age. But one tip is to go with bigger sizes as they can be comforting to your baby. Amidst multiple diaper changes, a bodysuit that can fit loosely can help! Also, tight clothes can leave babies feeling exhausted or even suffocate in the worst cases.

  • Yes for cotton

Most baby clothes come in a variety of fabrics like cotton, polyester, fleece, etc. However, it is best to go with organic fabric like cotton or, sometimes even rayon! When your baby has just arrived, it is not practically possible to figure out what cloth might bother them.

Some babies might nag and whine all day, and their parents will never have a clue if it’s a fabric allergy or something extra. To be on the safer side, always pick 100% cotton. Luckily most bodysuits come in cotton without blends. By picking cotton, you give your baby a fabric that is comfortable, breathable and moisture-wicking!

  • Pick Side fastening

Those buying clothes for newborns, always remember to check the fastening element, as their heads are delicate. Dressing them in clothes that go through their heads to the body is pretty risky. Bodysuits with side fasteners have buttons on the sides, so you can quickly put it on like putting a swaddle towel! Alternatively, you can mix and match some sets of side fastening bodysuits with those having wider heads.

  • Check for shoulder flaps

One prime reason to pick a baby bodysuit is that they come in handy during diaper changing sessions! Most outfits, including rompers without zip closures, require you to flip the mount via that unstable head after they have loaded in the nappy! A turtle-necked bodysuit has shoulder flaps, using which you can pull it off through the legs, which is a better idea, especially when your little one needs a diaper change often.

  • Beware of buttons and beads

It’s pretty natural for parents to pick fancy clothes with beads, stones or a mermaid netted gown! But not many realise that clothes with beads can be a risky game, as babies can pull them off, tether over and even swallow! Fortunately, most bodysuits do not have such accessory stitches. However, they might have buttons, so it is necessary to check if the stitches are firm enough.

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