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List of bob marley songs

Again With Another Article on Bob Marley. He was the man, We can not defined in single word. Man Full of life, Man full of kindness, A man who is king of Music and Heart of Many People including me.  He has covered various rang of music from spiritual to Sence of Love and from Political statements to sexy serenades. Every Single Song of Him is truly Inspiring and Full of life.

Here we have created a List of Best Bob Marley Song. If We are Missing on Any Song that is best do share us in the comment section.

Listen to the 50+ Bob Marley songs on Spotify.

This List of Marley’s Song has got the most like of any list available on Spotify. So Plug in and Enjoy Bob.

Other Than Spotify We have Listed Top 21 Bob Marley Songs on Youtube. Listen These Songs and Let us know in Comments Which one your Favorite.

Most Famous Bob Marley Song:

1: ‘Redemption Song’

2. ‘Is This Love’

3. ‘Could You Be Loved’

4. ‘Stir It Up’

5. ‘War’

6. ‘Buffalo Soldier’

7. Get Up, Stand Up

8. ‘Jamming’

9. “Concrete Jungle” — ‘Catch a Fire’ (1973)

10. “I Shot the Sheriff” — ‘Burnin’ ‘ (1973)

11. Trenchtown Rock

12. Easy Skanking

13. ‘One Love’

14. ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’

15. ‘Small Axe’

16. ‘Slave Driver’

17. ‘Natural Mystic’

18. ‘Waiting In Vain’

19. ‘Three Little Birds’

20. ‘No Woman, No Cry’

21. “Kaya” — ‘Soul Revolution’


Bonus Bob Marley Track on om namah shivaya for spiritual people.

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