Best Cell Phone Spy App for Parents

Cell phones are available in different forms, shapes and with different operating systems such as Android, IOS and plenty of others alike. The modern mobile phone devices have made a number of hurdles for parents and they have to look after kids and teens using smartphones. There is a number of reasons that have put parents in a situation where they have to buy kids and teens a cell phone because it has become a need of daily life. No matter in what situation your kids and teens are present and they can send you a text message, make the phone call, audio, and video conversations, shared media and even send WhatsApp Voice messages and Facebook Voice messages to call you for help under different circumstances.

On the other hand, young kids and teens use cell phone devices and gadgets connected to the internet and use instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, WhatsApp, and other trendy social media apps. They send/receive text messages, make free audio and video conversations and shared media files to strangers and cyber predators without bothering that it could be too risky for them. Therefore, parents have to buy kid’s and teen’s cell phones and now they have to monitor these phones to protect them and to stop them from inappropriate cell phone usage to fulfill the parenting responsibility effectively.

Parents can use cell phone spy app for effective parenting

They can use cell phone surveillance software in order to monitor kid’s and teens activities and get to know to whom they are talking all day long and what sort of social media activities they are talking on their cell phones running with Android and IOS operating systems.

How can parents track kids’ and teens’ cell phones?

They have to subscribe to the cell phone monitoring app in order to get access to the target mobile phone devices of kids and teens. This will enable parents to protect their teens and kids from online and real-life vulnerabilities. It further provide parents interface and state of the art spying tools that can easily track cell phone devices to the fullest along with the complete time stamp and enable parents to get to know at what time kids and teens are having chat online with strangers and what social media platform they have used for having a date with the stalker. Let’s discuss the tools of the mobile phone surveillance software and how to get these tools for perfect parenting job.

How parent can use cell phone tracking software & its features?

After you have got the subscription, install it on your target cell phone device having physical access on it. Then further use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel and further you need to visit the spying tools to gain parenting goals on the target device. Let’s discuss the best android spy software tools in the following.

Cell phone surveillance software tools for parenting

IM’s Social Media

There are dozens of parenting tools that has made the monitoring app for phones unique and ultimate tool. You can use IM’s social media to view the IM’s logs such as chat, messages, audio and video conversations, shared media such as photos and videos and last but not the least Voice messages.

Call Monitoring

Parents can spy on calls in such a way that they can listen and record the live phone calls and then get to know to whom kids and teens are having conversations. However, they can save the call data to the online control panel.

GPS location tracker

The parent can track the current and exact location of their kids with GPS location tracker and get to know where they are present in an emergency situation. However, they can get to know the location history of teens to get to know at what placed they have visited in a whole day.

Phone bug

Parents can record and listen to the surround sounds and Voices on the target phone by controlling the MIC of the target device with the MIC bug app. They can further view surround visuals by getting control over the target device front and back camera with a spyvidcam bug. However, last but not least they can capture photos remotely with MIC bug app.

Remotely phone controller

You can remotely view installed apps, block incoming calls of the strangers, block text messages and block all incoming calls on your teens’ phones that you think are inappropriate. All you can do it with mobile phone spy app remotely phone controlling ability that gives parents benefit of the doubt and they can impose sanctions remotely on kid’s and teen’s activities on their use of mobile phones inappropriate activities.


Parents need to use the phone tracking spyware and get access to the kid’s and teen’s cell phone and get to know their hidden activities on the phone itself and the activities on the cyberspace using cell phone devices and gadgets.

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