Best Daily Routine to Follow to Live a Healthy Life

Everybody has a different daily routine to follow that may be perfect or can be improvised as per the need. Your routine doesn’t demand an overhauling diet or heavy exercise to follow to secure a healthy lifestyle. Just simple tweaks or small changes can make a perfect morning routine.

Since everybody has a different lifestyle, we have analyzed, reviewed, and created a generic routine that will suit every student or a working professional. This routine majorly includes good morning habits and healthy lifestyle habits to ensure good health.

Daily Routine for Good Health:

1. Fix Your Sleep and Wakeup Time

wake up early

The very first step is to know how much time do you have in hand. At times, you miss out on your daily schedules because you don’t have a fixed sleeping and wakeup pattern. Once you have at least seven to eight hours of sleep, you are energized enough to start a new day. Fewer hours of sleep can sabotage your routine to a healthy life. Remember, ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’

2. Pump Up Your Blood

To gain a healthy lifestyle, we need to work out on a daily basis. If possible, join a gym or a fitness training center where individual trainers are appointed for every individual. If you have already been to training centers and are aware of your daily workout schedule, you can start exercise on your own. Heat up your blood with at least 45 minutes of workout and ensure that it reaches your brain. High metabolism will boost your mental and physical health for a longer run.

home workout

3. Snack a Healthy Breakfast

Your breakfast energizes you for the first few hours of the day. You need to ensure that you prepare healthy, nutritious, and energy-boosting breakfast. Your breakfast should be rich not heavy as you don’t wish to act like a sloth throughout the day. You can add multivitamin grains, eggs, fruits, fruit salads, fruit juices, healthy smoothies, or dry nuts.

healthy diet

4. Try a Meal Planner App

When we are talking about daily routine for good health, we can’t miss out on a meal planner app. A meal planner app will help you decide your grocery for the week so that every morning you need not struggle to decide your breakfast. The app will also help you set up your calorie intake and calculate how much you burnt. Keep a track of your everyday meal and maintain a balance of your diet and workout.

healthy brunch

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink a bottle full of regular water as soon as you wake up. This will ignite your body organs and energize you to start your day. Water on an empty stomach also cleanses the stomach and improves the digestive system. Remember not to drink 45 minutes before and after any meal as your intestines are at work at this moment.

drink water

6. Reduce Sugar Element from Your Meal

healthy brunch

It’s highly advisable to lay off sugar from your daily life. It’s a natural element that is very addictive and added white sugar is harmful to our body. The amount of sugar required on a regular basis is already available in the meal that we have. Higher consumption of sugar increases obesity, high blood pressure, inflammation, or early aging. Cheat days are always there but not more than twice a month.

7. Don’t Walk Like a Spineless Creature

walk straight

It is always advisable to sit and walk straight. Your way of walking is always noticed and one of the factors to build your impression. A good sitting posture improves proper blood circulation and flexibility in your body.

8. Munch a Healthy Brunch

After all this struggle and efforts to stay healthy, don’t spoil everything just because of foul eating habits. Junk food, wafers, fine flour, noodles, or fried food items like (Samosa, Kachori, Fritters, Dumplings). Such fatty food items will increase the risk of cholesterol and fat in your body and will ruin your entire efforts.

9. Get Enough Sunlight

woman taking sunlight

It is advisable to expose yourself to mild sunlight. Vitamin D is important for your body functions and you can get pure Vitamin D if you sit in sunlight anywhere between 8 – 10 AM. After 10 Amit starts getting hotter and UV rays may damage your skin. If your work requires you to expose in sunlight, you should use a proper Sun Protection Factor (SPF) cream. Evening tea with a sunset is also admirable.

10. Treat Yourself at Times

It is essential that while maintaining a healthy diet and a tight daily routine for good health, you do not miss out on all your cravings. Occasionally cheat the schedule listen to your heart. It is important to treat yourself to keep you motivated and focused for the next sprint.

Summing Up

Planning a perfect morning routine is easy however following it to the core is a task. Once you start following it for a month a two, you will get into a fixed routine. If you start getting in shape and see the benefit of such a routine, you will always try to follow healthy lifestyle habits.

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