10 Best Rabbit Alternatives (Websites Like Rabb.it)


While researching about rabb.it and its features, I am already impressed and missing this online video streaming services and decided to write about rabbit alternatives so people can enjoy the same features provided by rabbit site. There are 20+ alternatives to rabbit provide services on windows, mac, android , Linux and IPhone.

Those who don’t know much about rabbit let me introduce you that rabbit was very popular web based video streaming platform in which you can watch any movies or video in a group with your friends and in between you can do a text chat also.

So are you guys exited to know about sites exactly like the rabbit and provide the same features. Lets get started!

Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Movies and Play Games Together:

1. Tutturu : Best Overall


Price: Freemium, $5/ Month if you want to participate

The best alternative of rabbit is Tutturu, which is completely free.Tutturu.tv provide shared browsing option where user can invite their friends to visit any website together.


1. Audio chat and text chat

2. Free Virtual browser

3. Can watch video interactively.

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2. Metastream : Best for Synchronizes Media


Price: Free + Open Source

The second most go to site like rabbit is Metastream. It provide Media Synchronization so you and your friends can watch the same video on the same time with minimal latency. Metastream support almost very video streaming services i can imagine but just like rabbit Metastream doesn’t support webcam and audio chat.


1. Free and open source.

2. Media Synchronization + Friendly interface

3. On screen Chat option

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3. Invited.tv : Best for Sharing Control of Room


Price: Freemium, $5/month and $50/year

Our Third best Pick as rabbit alternative is Invited.tv. It is not only a video streaming service but allow user to host watch parties with virtual browsers. you can also give control of the room to your room to make web surfing easy.


1. Remote-control sharing.

2.  Can host watch parties.

3. If you watch to skip the waiting like need to switch to pro.

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4. Watch2gether : Best for Ads free Environment


Price: Free, Paid subscription starts at $3.99/month

If you want to watch video with no advertisement and no Sign up then this rabbit alternative should be in your list. Not only you can create virtual room but invite your friend to watch free video with out sign up. unlike rabbit it doesn’t support webcam or audio message.

This Platform Support YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Amazon.


1. Visit any site together

2. Support Gif in chat.

3. Switch to paid version for ad free experience.

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5. Kosmi : Best for NES and SNES Party


Price: Free

Kosmi creates Online Hangouts with your friends. Here you can communicate with your friends and watch movies together with our sign up. With this you watch share each other local video files and YouTube videos. Kosmi support webcam and microphone so you can do voice chat too with your friends.

You can also through a poker party or play carom by starting a Texas Holdem Poker table and Virtual Cartable.


1. No Installation or Sign up required.

2. Watch video, Play games and Chat with your friends.

3. Start a NES or SNES Party

4. Can synced local video files and Youtube Videos

5. Support webcam and microphone

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6. Twoseven : Best for RealTime Interation With Friends


Price: Free

Another one in the list of rabbit alternative is TwoSeven. With TwoSeven no only you can watch movies and video or visit any site but also you can watch their real time reaction additionally do live chat also. Best Thing about TwoSeven is the automatic video synchronization so you and your friends remain on same page without any latency.

Currently This Platform support YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, Crunchyroll ,Apple TV, HBO Max, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Netflix and many more. Out of them Hulu, Disney+ and Screenshare are for patron supporters.


1. Chat with your friends across the world.

2. Support webcam so you can watch your friends while watching video.

3. Auto Sync the video

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7. TogetherTube : Best for Voting System


Price: Free

If you want to create your room according to your choice then togethertube is perfect rabbit alternative. It support popular streaming website like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. You don’t need to signup to access the features. You can create your room as private or public, change its name or alter setting according to you

What make this platform different from others is you can create poll of video you want to binge watch and user will give their vote so you give your time to the most Likely show.


1. voting system to video

2. customize Room Settings

3. Can Binge-Watch your favorite series.

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8. myCircle.tv: Best for Accessing Features Without Signup


Price: 100% free and no registration Required

This Rabbit Alternative Support youtube, vimeo, soundcloud , twitch.tv and many more. This web based plateform is free to use and allow you to watch video together and upload your creation too Additionally you dont need to login your account to access the features.


1. Upload Your own videos .

2. Watch videos and listen music with your friends.

3. No Signup Required to Watch the Videos.

9. Netflix Party : Best for Through Netflix Party With a Click

Netflix Party

Price: Free Chrome Extension

If you want to Streaming Your videos Just by a click the Netflix party Chrome extension is a perfect fit rabbit alternative. here you just need to login to your Netflix account and click on extension. Now you are all set to watch the show with your friends.

The Only con I found is that this platform only support Netflix and does not support your local library. From Watching video to real time interaction to Automatic video Synchronization It has all the features of rabbit.


1. Automatic video Synchronization

2. Free to use with just one click

3. Real time Chat  with friends.

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10. Synaptop


Price: Free

Another Web based streaming service like rabbit is Synaptop. Here you can watch synced video with your friends. Here you just need to sign up and add apps. You can Collaborate in real-time to work on projects, Listen to music, read books, play games. Here I only found one issue that you can only select movies from the limited titles available on the site.

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11. SyncLounge : Best for Plex Users


Price: Free

Last one from the list of rabbit alternative is SyncLounge. If you are a Plex user then this web based platform is perfectly fit for you. Here you can create your private room and connect your Plex library. Just like rabb.it it allows you to chat your friends and enjoy real time experience watching Plex content. This Platform doesn’t support webcam and video chat is you are ok with that then This Might be useful for you.


1. Support Chat Help

2. Have synchronization playback

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Final Words:

So this was the list of best rabbit alternative according to their features. We hope you Enjoy Watch Videos Together with these Rabbit Alternative and if you have any issue or any other alternative of rabbit do let us know in comment we would be happy to add that in list.

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