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Looking for the best gaming laptop while on a budget? Our buyer’s guide to MSI gaming laptops aims to walk you through this research step by step. Through this guide, we will give you all the necessary elements to understand how to choose a gaming laptop according to your desires and your needs. To do this, we will come back to the selection criteria and then present our MSI laptops available on the current market.

Why Choose an MSI Gaming Laptop PC?

The laptop may not meet the requirements of the gamer, especially in terms of performance and power. Compared to a conventional tower PC, the laptop PC must face the requirements of compactness and heating, while remaining easily transportable.

Most mobile Gamers and wishing to carry their Gaming device with them (when traveling, with friends, on a LAN, or simply from the bedroom to the living room …) can now find their happiness among the best laptops for sims 4 that combine the best of the 2 worlds, power, and transport. For those who wish to personalize their laptop, you can configure your gaming laptop for certain strategic aspects (hulls, RAM, storage, etc.).

The MSI brand has specialized in particular with new ranges of laptops entirely dedicated to gaming. MSI laptops are excellent compromises between weight, size, power, budget, quality, and additional features. However, gamers need more power to meet their demands and especially for the graphics card and processor.

Therefore, the problem that generally arises is the fact that gaming laptops consume more power than conventional laptops. So, they do not have very long autonomy and are not very mobile due to their weight and more substantial dimensions. With its new range, MSI wanted to remedy these drawbacks while offering even more performance to avid gamers. In order to help you make your choice between the different models, we are now going to come back to the many essential criteria that you must take into account so as not to go wrong when choosing your MSI Gamer laptop.

The Criteria for Choosing Your Msi Gamer Laptop Pc

Choosing a gaming laptop PC is really about selecting the components that suit your needs in the same way you would choose the components of a gaming tower. The types of games you play, the diagonal of the screen you want, your graphics requirements, and many other criteria are taken into account.

The Graphics Card

The graphics card remains the main component to be taken into account and determines the graphics performance and the final visual possibilities. Note that there is a link, all other things being equal, between the size of the laptop PC and the on-board power: the most powerful CPUs and GPUs with greater heat dissipation, therefore, need a laptop with better performance. enlarged dimensions.

The graphics cards we recommend for your gaming laptop are the high-end GeForce GTX and Radeon HD. Portable large size, that is to say, 17 inches and sometimes will possess an SLI or Crossfire X . 15.6-inch gaming laptops, on the other hand, have a shrunken GPU to keep the heat in a smaller chassis. Nowadays we can say that 1 GB per GPU for the graphics card is the union minimum in order to properly run a gaming laptop.

The Screen: Diagonal, Brightness, and Resolution

The screen is obviously a crucial element since it is constantly in front of our eyes. During your long games, it is essential to have a good quality screen, that is to say, bright but with a matte finish in order to avoid unwanted reflections, especially outdoors. The size of the screen is very often determining its power and its resolution. In fact, 15.6-inch gaming laptops are found in simple HD, i.e. 1366 x 768 pixels, or Full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Today, almost all gaming laptops work in Full HD. The latter allows you to play and enjoy more of your video games with a higher level of detail. In terms of diagonal, the standard sizes are mainly 15.6 inches and 17.3 inches, denoted 15.3 “and 17.3.

Processor, Storage, and RAM

Laptops intended for gaming often benefit from an Intel Core i7 Quad-Core (4-core) processor, tailored to the needs. However, this processor comes at a certain cost and if you have to choose between a powerful graphics card and an Intel Core i7 processor, go for the former and fall back on a Core i5. Note that Intel Core i7 processors are not synonymous with Quad-Core; there are Core i7 Dual-Core (two cores). However, Core i7 Dual-Core processors do not necessarily have more advantages over a Core i5.

We mentioned earlier that there is a correlation between the power of the gaming laptop and its size. A 15.6-inch or larger laptop PC makes it easy to integrate many components such as the SSD and hard drive. For example, two 2.5-inch bays allow you to opt for a hybrid system consisting of a hard drive supported by a mini SSD of ten GB, often in mSATA. In the event that only one bay is available, you will need to choose between a 256 GB SSD or a good hard drive. In terms of optical units, the DVD burner is often included in gaming laptops, unless the diagonal of the screen is less than 14 inches.

The Blu-Ray or Blu-Ray DVD player-burner options are often intended for higher-end models. Finally, regarding memory, a minimum of 8 GB is essential if you want to run your games in good conditions. In MSI’s line of gaming laptops, models typically come with 16GB RAM as standard, so you don’t have to worry.

Sound Capacities

In your choice of a gaming laptop, you must not ignore the quality of the sound! And for good reason, the latter will allow you to fully appreciate the atmosphere of your video games! The best option is the subwoofer built into the underside of the computer. However, due to the bulk of this type of sound system, it is only present on machines 15.6 inches and larger. While the microphone and webcam are still included in MSI’s notebook PC lines, you should also be careful about the number of audio jacks so that you are not limited in the event that you need to plug in multiple headsets. Finally, also think of the digital sound output which may be essential for gamers connecting their laptop to a 5.1 system.

MSI offers gold-plated jack audio connectors for minimized distortion with some laptops, as well as MSI Audio Boost technology. The latter will allow a breathtaking finesse and subtlety of sound, by boosting the sound by 30%: spy on the footsteps of your enemies, the reloading of their weapons, in order to detect them even before seeing them. Dynaudio speakers reproduce sound in high definition and sometimes spatialized in 4.1 (subwoofer and 4 speakers).

True Color technology

MSI integrates many features into its laptops, whether or not they are present depending on the range and model of the gaming laptop. We present the most important to you. True Color, for example, promises you unparalleled color fidelity with a calibration ensuring your screen to project more precise and detailed colors by reproducing almost the entire sRGB profile.

Together with Portrait Display Inc., MSI provides high-quality display technology that far exceeds current standards. True Color simply strives for perfection in terms of reliability and color realism.

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