Managed WordPress Hosting – How it gives Your Business a Leading Edge?

Managed WordPress Hosting

In order to ensure success of your online business, you have to consider a lot of things like hosting, marketing, advertising, social media, creating content, and more. It can quickly be stressful and overwhelming to you. Managed WordPress hosting has a lot of advantages over other plans. Here are the reasons to go this way – 

Best Support

It is the first reason to go with managed hosting. The hosts usually deal exclusively with WordPress. So, they don’t distribute their resources with Magento, Drupal or other platforms. A lot of hosts also offer unlimited WordPress hosting to their customers. However, you only get plenty of resources. There is nothing like “unlimited” for real. It is all about volume. 

But you are most likely to get a knowledgeable and trusted support team with managed hosting. They are mainly dedicated to WordPress. They constantly monitor the website’s uptime for all clients. In case your server goes down, their support team will be the first to know about it and they will diagnose issues on their own. 

High Performance 

It is another main reason to go with managed hosting. They can provide great technology and latest architecture. For example, they might be using the latest PHP 7, NGINX, HTTP/2, and MariaDB versions to boost your website’s performance. The PHP version you are using means a lot to your WordPress. 

High Number of Data Centers 

Along with optimized performance, managed WordPress hosts usually have a huge number of data centers strategically located in several countries to enhance global reach. You have freedom to choose the closest data center to host your website. You can place your website near your target visitors to strategically improve page load speed. 

Auto Backups 

There is nothing wrong in preparing for disasters when you might lose all your important data. Yes, we are talking about constant backups of your site. A managed hosting provider may offer free automatic backups as part of the bundle. 

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