Don’t Let The Distance In Between: Celebrate Love This Valentine’s Day With Amazing Gifts

Long distance is the true test of compatibility and love between couples. If you’re reading this and nodding your head, you know exactly what we mean. While all relationships need effort to flourish and grow, couples who live apart need a special kind of initiative. From virtual dates and movie sessions to exchanging songs and finding ways of pampering each other, such relationships demand you to be at your romantic best. Valentine’s Day is one of the most perfect occasions to show that ‘effort’ to your partner. Just because you can’t meet doesn’t mean you can’t make your Valentine blush and feel special. But what do you do on Feb 14th anyway? Surely sending flowers and teddy bears is probably too old school. Here are some of the most romantic and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for long distance relationships. From customised gifts you can buy online for Valentine’s Day to surprise ideas to help you plan on your own, we have an assortment of everything romantic to make the 14th of February a little extra special for your Valentine.

Celebrate the entire Valentine’s Week with your Long Distance Valentine:

Let’s begin with a quick tour of what each day stands for. 

7th February – Rose Day

8th February – Propose Day

9th February – Chocolate Day

10th February – Teddy Day

11th February – Promise Day

12th February – Hug Day

13th February – Kiss Day

14th February – Valentine’s Day

Here are a few creative ways of celebrating each day of the week without making it boring or predictable for your Valentine. Boyfriends love Valentine gifts if you make an effort in preparing them. A boring gift picked off the shelf seems more like an obligation than a surprise. You can consider buying a Valentine’s Week hamper from gifting companies like Oye Happy. Such hampers are designed with handcrafted long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend/ girlfriend and customised entirely for your Valentine. You can pick a song for every day of the week and share the Youtube link every morning to wake your Valentine up with. As a Bollywood fan, I can think of tons of funny songs that will go great with Rose day. And if this idea doesn’t appeal to you either, you can pick something unique for every day of the week and send it to your Valentine. Like a pack of Hersheys kisses on kiss day, a customized pillow on hug day, a box of chocolate brownies on chocolate day, etc.

Send a virtual long distance Valentine’s Gift:

For a lot of people, having a gift delivered is not an option. Especially in cases where the person stays with the family who is unaware of your relationship or when your Valentine lives in a different country altogether. The concept of virtual gifts has evolved faster in this pandemic than ever before. Several online gifting companies have introduced a multitude of unique virtual gifts to substitute tangible ones during the lockdown. The trend that began in April has only become stronger since. You can, for instance, get an entire radio show scripted and edited for your Valentine and it can be sent over an email. The show is customised with your favourite nostalgic moments and songs to take your Valentine on a trip down the memory lane. For the real phone addicts, you can get an app custom made entirely for him/ her. If you’re looking for a long distance gift for your boyfriend who happens to be a phone addict, apps like ’30 days of compliments’ work the best. Another concept that has worked exceptionally well as a virtual gift is ‘Wishes by strangers.’ You can get 10 random people to call your Valentine throughout the day and wish him/ her on your behalf. Each stranger will pretend to be an old friend and keep the special person confused throughout the day. Only the last call shall reveal whom the surprise is from.  

The idea of virtual dates has also become quite popular now more than ever before. Send an e-invite to your Valentine to create some anticipation for the date. Get candles and fairy lights sent in advance so that the both of you can create a romantic ambience in your respective homes. Get food, chocolates, desserts and gifts delivered as an additional surprise. You can also consider setting up a playlist of both your favourite songs to add just the right touch of nostalgia to the mood. The more creative you get with the set-up, the more memorable you can make it for the both of you.

If you liked the idea of a virtual date, then you’d absolutely LOVE the idea of binge watching romantic movies the whole day. Sometimes, lazing together is the best way of spending time with your better half. Surprise your Valentine by setting up a movie marathon on the 14th of February. Like the above idea, this shall require effort too. Print fake movie tickets and courier them over or send an e-ticket in advance to build anticipation for the day. Order for snacks, especially popcorn and coke, in advance for your Valentine to dig into. If possible, make a few of your own video messages that you can play for him/ her between breaks. Sometimes, the element of surprise is what differentiates a regular date from a sweet one.

 Pick an activity to do together with each other:

How about going shopping together in your respective towns? Video calls have brought people closer than ever before. It’s the closest you can get to actually hanging out with someone. So why don’t the both of you decide to hang out over a really long video call? You can both go shopping and pick out new outfits for each other to celebrate valentine’s day. You can consider doing wine shopping together too and pick ingredients to make similar cocktails in the evening. You guys can buy books or video games or maybe even lipstick shades together. Maybe a trip to the lingerie section could add some more fun to the experience. The point is to engage in a fun activity together. You can download games like ludo and scrabble and play them together. You can go on a walk on your respective streets together. If Valentine’s Day is all about togetherness, you can find lots of ways of celebrating it.

However, no matter how creative you get with the idea, there’s no better surprise than turning up at his/ her doorstep on the 14th of February. So if you’re toying with the idea, you must try harder to make it happen. Take this article as a sign. 

Customise your Valentine’s Day gift with memories:

The more you know someone, the more memories you create with them. If you’re not together to relive those memories in person, then why don’t you find other ways of delighting your Valentine with a taste of nostalgia. Instead of buying a random decorative or a bouquet of flowers, customise your Vday gift with some of your most intimate memories. You can use photographs, videos, audio messages, letters and lots of other ways of customising your gift. Customisation is no longer limited to photos. At Oye Happy, we strive to know as much about your Valentine as possible to be able to create a surprise just for him/ her.

If you believe that it’s the thought that counts, then Valentine’s Day is just the occasion to score a perfect 100. As a gifting company, we understand how much people look forward to celebrating special occasions. For people in long distance relationships, occasions like Valentine’s Day become even more important because they seldom get to engage in romantic moments anyway. But with a little bit of creativity and initiative, you can do a lot to take your Valentine by surprise.




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