Charter A Bus For Your Next Group Vacation

Charter A Bus For Your Next Group Vacation

Each year myself and 8 buddies head off from Atlanta and pick off some of the coolest spots across the south of the country. This started off as a road trip and then gradually we grew in numbers and began to take something of a convoy on the road as we travelled throughout the souther states. Here in Atlanta charter buses are really common and last year we decided that for our trip down to New Orleans, that we would charter a bus instead of driving. We all agreed that we would only do this to give the transport option a try, most of us weren’t looking forward to it in reality. The trip actually turned out better than we ever could have hoped, and here is why we’ll be chartering buses for all future trips. 

Designated Drivers

Our original idea to charter the bus was because we were going to New Orleans to party and given that we are all sensible adults, we didn’t want to have cars with us. And so the decision was made that we’d let someone else do the driving, honestly this was our only real reason for charting the bus. This turned out to be a great decision as we could sleep on the bus and nobody had to worry about driving after the partying stopped. 

Time Together 

This was the first time in many years that we were all able to spend the journey time together, shooting the breeze and generally having some fun. We calculated that on a normal trip of say, 6 hours, we’d be split up into three cars, which would mean that we’d have lost 12 hours, there are back, of time together. When you charter a bus you get the chance to spend more time with the group. 

Super Comfortable 

The seats on the bus that we charter were so comfortable and this made the journey so much easier. We had something very different in our minds when we first decided to charter the bus, thankfully however our assumptions were very wrong.


The charter seemed pricy at first but once we broke down how much it would have cost us all for gas in three separate cars, the truth is that chartering the bus worked out to be the cheapest option. 

Green Choice 

Another great benefit of chartering a bus which we all loved was that it is the much greener way to do things. Instead of 3 half empty vehicles powering down the freeway to NOLA, there would just be a single bus, using almost the same amount of fuel. This was never a reason why we did it but it was certainly a huge benefit and a motivating factor for why we will continue to do this in the future. 

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Have you ever thought about chartering a bus? Would these benefits be enough to convince you to charter a bus for your next trip? Let us know in the comments what you think. 

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