5 Most Commonly Ordered iPhone Parts for Repair Service

Commonly Ordered iPhone Parts for Repair Service

That’s great, but the next step is to take good care of it. These are among the most expensive smartphones in the market, after all.

However, even with the utmost care, your phone is still subject to wear and tear. You’ll eventually need to order iPhone parts or send the device in for repairs.

Not sure which parts are the most commonly needed? Discover the answers with our list below:

  1. Touchscreen

Dealing with a cracked screen is the most common issue you’ll likely experience. People drop their phones all the time, even when being careful. Yes, using a screen protector or case will keep it safe but there’s always the odd chance of it slipping off or something heavy hitting the screen.

Replacing a screen is a delicate process due to the number of parts involved. There’s the touch panel, the glass screen, and the protector on top. Newer phones merge some of these, making it even more complicated to fix.

  1. Battery

Dropped your Apple iPhone in a bucket of water or into the toilet? Water damage is another common issue but it gets worse when the water also damages the battery.

The problem is iPhones don’t have interchangeable batteries. You can’t simply order one and then swap it out. The good news is you can bring it to professional repair shops, like the folks at iparts-4u.co.uk, and have them swap a broken battery for you.

  1. Charging Port

A few years back, Apple removed the 3.5mm earphone jack from their iPhones.

Unfortunately, removing the headphone jack and consolidating charging and plugging in earphones through the USB-C port adds wear and tear. It won’t take long for the charging port to break down.

  1. Camera

The camera is another part that often requires iPhone repair. As phones get more advanced, the parts inside become more fragile. iPhone cameras are among the most powerful in the smartphone industry so you can expect them to break down due to water exposure or after a bad drop.

Replacing the camera is also one of the most expensive repair jobs. The parts don’t come cheap and it’s a delicate process to swap a broken camera out.

  1. SIM Tray

The SIM tray is one of the most common iPhone replacement parts. It’s easy to lose the tray, break it, or damage your phone by using sharp pins into the pinhole.

If you lost the SIM tray, you can replace it by ordering a new one. However, if you used a needle or a sharp clip in the pinhole and damaged your phone’s internals, you’ll need to bring your phone to a repair shop.

Repair iPhone Parts Now

These are the five iPhone parts that often require repairs. Take care of your phone to avoid damaging the screen, camera, battery, charging port, and SIM tray.

Of course, accidents can and will happen. It’s crucial to learn how to DIY repair minor issues.

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