La Galera Connecticut Cigars: Things You Should Know

Connecticut Cigars

The La Galera Connecticut cigars come under the premium line cigars from Tablaclera Palma’s Jochy Blanco. While Blanco and Palma grew tobacco and made cigars, Blanco acquired Indian Head Cigars from Bill Bock last year. Additionally, Blanco launched a premium line of cigars of two blends – Habano and Connecticut. The La Galera Connecticut in the Chaveta size and comes at a great price. The brand always surprises its customers by paying homage to the cigar factory.

“La Galera” is the factory’s roller room, also known as the heart, where all the activities occur. However, let’s dive deeper and see what this cigar brings to the table.


The tobaccos are grown on Blanco’s farm. The filler component is an exceptional varietal grown by Blanco called T-112.

Vitolas Available

These are available in eight sizes in the line of La Galera Connecticut cigars. While four are for the U.S. market, three are for the European business. The U.S. market is packaged in 21 count boxes; meanwhile, the European sizes are in 20 count boxes. The vitolas are named after things that are related to the cigar factory.


The wrapper of the Connecticut Chaveta comes with a classic golden brown color. Also, the surface of the wrapper comes with a light oil coating. The band has focused on making an antique style. The band’s center comes with a traditional white oval with the text “La Galera” scripted in red font. Similarly, it mentions “EST 1936” on a dark ribbon which is itself a unique combination.

The ribbon’s left side has a red stripe with the text “REPUBLICA DOMINICA” in gold font. To the right side includes “HECHO A MANO,” also in gold font. The far-right has a red-colored “T.P.” logo, while the band’s far left has a U.S. flag.


The cigar starts with notes of wood, cherry, and citrus. This has been a primary while the citrus notes receded with the addition of a subtle cream note. Also, the retro-hale added a mild cedar note.

Slowly the wood transforms to a more sweet cedar spice. This joins the citrus and cream notes in the background. Now, the citrus notes also increase in intensity; to a lesser extent, the cream notes equally increase.

At the final round, the cedar notes remain present in the forefront with the citrus; however, the cream notes diminish significantly.

Burns and Draws

The La Galera Connecticut Chaveta scores excellent when it reaches the burns. In fact, it takes a straight-burn path from start to finish. At the same time, the burn line has a slight curvature. Still, it doesn’t warrant a considerable amount of touch-ups.

Equally, the draw performs well. The cigar has the correct resistance. You don’t need to derive flavors to maintain ideal combustion.

Strength and Body

While Connecticut started mild, it builds up linearly. By second-third, it ranges from soft to medium, and the last leg crossed the medium territory.

The Chaveta starts out on the upper end of mild to medium. In terms of comparison, the body has the edge from the initial stage to the final.

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