Coronavirus: Pandemic or Restoration of a Golden Period?

corona virus

Restoration of a Golden Period, yes you heard that right. Isn’t this apparent from the series of situations occurring in front of us, during times of lockdown? Sense it and then you will realize it.

Our Mother Earth has returned that calm life to us, which was a dream just a few months ago.

Didn’t we all imagine a life, where one day, we will be at home with our parents, without any worries from work, eating food with the entire family, sharing and playing with them? But for many of us, this dream was deferred due to critically emerging persistent responsibilities, contentedness of dreams of life, career, finance, habitation, and others.

Every excuse was putting off this precious dream from its realization, from days to months to years so far, in the imminent future. Well yes, but that was the story a few months ago. The nature God has given us the chance to love living first then envision the discharge of obligations thereafter.

Yes, a perfect chance at our immediate doorstep, to live life again; luxuriate childhood anew, leaving behind the pile of committal engagements and living with all potentials of a blissful life.







A strong message is revealed that dreams of living together, being happy together, should not be postponed by the unrealistic, uncertain, and never-ending chaos of today’s responsibilities.

Responsibilities are replenished now and then, but that might not be the case with life. When life is so unreliable, why does the humankind leave the time to live for oneself and family on the questionable tomorrow? This pandemic has taught us, the reality is just what you are surfacing, in NOW; everything else otherwise is a myth. Let’s see where we are uselessly involved:

  • Making money for times of retirement, what if it doesn’t come?
  • Making money to hang-loose and be fortunate, but being so tired from working to even recognize it. You will see, or rather if you take some effort to see;
  • I know this pandemic is serious, but in turn, has also bought the people and the world closer. Helping the needy, rather slacking then being strict with lower levels.
  • Catering free food and shelter to the disadvantaged.
  • Regular posts are being shared online, that ultimately it’s your family who cares for you, in times of danger, and fear.
  • Pollution levels for the metros have dropped down to significant levels.
  • Air has become clean; birds are free to rule over their territory, which was otherwise, intruded by us humans.
  • Water has become clean, due to stoppage of industrial dumping.
  • Dolphins have returned to city marines; MARINE DRIVE, MUMBAI is a live proof.
  • Roads are cleaner than before. In Japan, animals are roaming around on streets gazing freely.
  • Less crowded places resulting in lesser sound pollution.
  • In Singapore, the otters have been seen playing without any flinch.
  • Deer have also been seen dawdling on roads in Singapore.


All together in the big picture, we are in an automated reform period. In a simple sense, the world has entered its REWIND stage.

So, why can’t we? We can also take our turn to become those selfless human beings, care for others and family, our nation at large, be accountable towards our duties and not running from them, accord harmony and compassion concerning one another; impregnate a more joyful and peaceful life ahead. Also further, try to reduce or remove the clots in our community relations.

Previously, we used to take vacations debiting to our credit leaves (indirectly chargeable vacations), to spend time with family, or in some cases, even to meet the family (especially those were abroad), but now, vacation is free, at our land, at our lost memoirs of family homes, can’t we cherish and enjoy it.

CORONA is not the end of humankind and will be over in no time.









  • Teach your parents about new devices, their evolution, to give their life also a solution.
  • Play games with family, friends, sibs, and grandpas, to rejuvenate yourself and your gone blurry bond.
  • Take time to enhance your skills, they say, it takes a mere 30 days to take up altogether new skill and master it.
  • Do yoga, exercise, and dance with your family, to make yourself fit, active and jolly.
  • Pause yourself, to analyze the correctness of your life direction.

They say, it’s a must to revise it from now and then.

  • Unwind yourself from work, pressure, speeding life, and the fear of your ascendants.
  • Help your mother in the kitchen to prepare yours and her favorite dishes.
  • Take time to do the dishes also, it’s not just your mum’s responsibility in the absence of maid.
  • Play Tambola, Ludo, carom, chess, business, and badminton(basically indoors). Take chances to win and lose to your family and let the loser do the chores.
  • Antakshari is also our old-time favorite past-time.
  • Innovate new dishes with the simplest recipes and minimum time taken, appreciate or make fun.
  • Talk to your relatives who have long been forgotten, because of your TIME NAHI MILTA (Unavailability of time).
  • Take time to clean up the house, because in no time, after this CORONA, the DIWALI will be just around the corner and if not that, OUR HOMES MUST BE CLEAN AT ALL TIMES.
  • GIRLS- can brush up their makeup skills.
  • Boys- learn cooking to avoid dependency.
  • Enhance your communication
  • You can also make memes like the others, being not funny is also funny, but you can try to be funny.
  • Learn Hindi, you sick Indians, Oooohhh….I don’t know much Hindi and know only English.
  • Read books, magazines, comics, documentaries, and encyclopedia.
  • Yaa…yeah…you can always depend on NETFLIX as the last resort.
  • Enjoy the golden period of watching the epic stories of RAMAYANA AND MAHABHARATA again with your parents and older generations, they can even elaborate you the hidden meanings and stories behind decisions taken.
  • Learn new languages, this will increase your adaptability, creativity and also make the mind wander in different worlds while sitting at your place.
  • All those who don’t know, what to do in life, can get the requisite guidance by their friends, families, and mentors, which is otherwise not possible due to matching time unavailability.
  • Improve your vocabulary, in English, Hindi and the most admirable Urdu.
  • Listen to poetries, songs, short stories, screenplays, and get drowned in the artistic world of young and modern writers and storytellers.
  • Enjoy old movies, TV shows, and rekindles with the lost memories.
  • Teach your younger ones, the idea of life and choosing its path.
  • Take time to talk your heart, with your parents and grandparents, let me tell you, they will cherish the same.
  • And most importantly, limit your time on the black world of mobile phones, and make time to talk to your family.
  • Nourish your hair, body or face, health which has been ruined or damaged by the busy schedules, pollution and environment.
  • Inculcate a habit of meditation and calm yourself to understand this divine Earth and its rules.


  • Join various courses in Digital Marketing available online, webinars, YOU-TUBE training programs.
  • Various educational institutions have made their courses free or at a nominal cost to make our lockdown a success.
  • Search start-up ideas and connect with the likely platform to create a team.
  • Search ideas for attracting clients, holding and negotiating terms.
  • Prepare your database by the study of market facts and its functioning.
  • Read and analyze your target market.
  • Try to build diversified ideas to fight the industry recession.
  • Teach the skills you possess, to the rest of the world.
  • Prepare blogs on the knowledge you possess, maybe technical, general, regional, or cultural.
  • Try to translate the tough field material into understanding terms, on being an expert to the same.
  • Write short stories and pen down the beautiful experiences of your life.
  • Restore the traditional art of knitting, Chicken Kari, weaving, printing, painting, which are long forgotten by the modern generation.
  • Try to paint, write and draw your imagination.
  • Try building intranet networks for local artisans, small shopkeepers, small-scale start-ups, to help them market their products and services easily and effectively.

For the developers and tech people out there:

  1. Make provisions to get connected and reconnected to the area utility services.
  2. Training on how to avail of a particular network. ( e.g. Marketers, graphic designers)
  3. An indispensable platform to connect employment needs and talents.
  4. Establishing online several infographic platforms.
  5. Easy and understanding web tutorials for learning HTML, web designing, coding, learning WordPress.
  6. Help digital marketers to amplify their skills in certifications, accidental to their business. Eg. Google Adwords.
  7. Invent some easy and workable provisions for the ideal population of India, especially our grandparents, to their fond and liking. Let’s turn them productive and happy by making them busy.

Lastly, friends’ small steps are always necessary to bring a bigger change. Nothing can be changed in a day by a single individual. Big changes and a better future are only resilient to small individual efforts of a united population.

In tough times only, the meaning of unity and integrity is established in a more refined manner.

Let’s fight the pandemic

Let’s put our small but unified steps towards creating Our Golden Future.

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