How to Meditate with Chocolate?

how to meditate with chocolate

There are different ways of meditation and you will wonder how chocolate can help you perform mindful meditate. It is considered to be one of the most pleasurable and convenient forms of meditation. You will be amazed to know that it is not just about eating chocolate, it is a complete set of experiences that you relish while performing this meditation.

chocolate meditation

What is Chocolate Meditation:

Chocolate meditation brings you the same kind of benefits that you experience with other forms of meditation. You feel rewarded as anyhow you are already eating a chocolate. After learning the key to meditate with chocolate, you will surely try and experience this form of meditation more often and it will become your favorite form of meditation.

Steps to Perform Chocolate Meditation

1. Select Your Chocolate – Get the best quality chocolate for you. Try dark chocolate if you have never tried it earlier. If the chocolate is in a wave shape, that is much preferred. The quantity should not be more than two bites for beginners and as you master the trick, single bite-size of chocolate will be more than enough for you.

2. Get Your Body Ready for It – Close your eyes and start breathing meditation and allow your body temperature to calm down. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body and mind to get ready for the next rewarding meditation. Once your body and mind feel comfortable, you can go ahead with the next step.

3. Smell, See and Bite – Smell and feel the aroma of the chocolate with closed eyes. Once you feel it have a look at it and experience the temptation that you feel with the aroma and the urge to have it. Put it in your mouth and let it sit on your tongue and melt it automatically. Your body temperature will warm up the piece of chocolate. Don’t chew it, just keep your eyes closed and feel the sensation of the melting chocolate in your mouth. Let the melted liquid run down your throat.

4. Feel the Gratitude – It’s not just eating it, notice the flavor, texture, and the transformation of solid turning into liquid. It will eventually begin to integrate into your body, your blood cells and all your senses will start feeling it. Feel the gratitude of having a chocolate in your mouth. You will feel a greater sense of love and joy. Imagine your body filled out with joy with this chocolate. Continue taking deep breaths and feel the companion of chocolate. Let it take 3-5 minutes to end the process and then slowly open your eyes.

5. Dwell the Feeling – If you are done with the meditation process in the morning, you can revisit the feeling and the sensation you felt during the course of meditation. You will feel more relaxed throughout the moment.

Chocolate Meditation Tips:

1. Don’t consume a large quantity of chocolate, it’s not meditation if you are feeding your hunger.

2. If you are diabetic or issues with sugar, you can try with sweet & sour candies.

3. Everyday meditation and practice will benefit you fighting with stress in the long run.

4. Fill in a transparent bowl with different chocolates wrapped properly and keep it visible in the kitchen or in your living room. It will ignite temptation to have it as and when you see it.

5. Figure out a time of day when you wish to experience it. The best time to experience this meditation is just when you are done with yoga in the morning or before going to bed.

6. As you practice it for a longer run, you will start relishing it and gain the power to focus on the art of meditation.

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