Degree ki Greed – Is That Something You Really Need?

What is more important to live?

  • Dreams or Degrees? 
  • Passion or Compulsion? 
  • Satisfaction or Non-Relevant competition?

We are solely the result of the choices we make in life, be it wishful or circumstantial? At a particular point in time, we have to face reality and are forced to weigh our decisions based on our priorities. 

What exactly are priorities?

The thing that is needed at the moment, or something needed for a lifetime? Well, the question is difficult to answer because we all are surrounded by our pragmatic social life, which acts as a cobweb to our real aspirations or self-deception. And after suffering quite an essential part of our life, typically losing the youthful energy in us, when we finally can differentiate, the opportunity seems long been lost.

And to create a new one, it takes another year of persistence and patience to be at least able to bring up something worthy of leaving the high profile job, which you earned through your so-called degrees. 

So ultimately, clubbing every point, we get to know that, one must strive for what they actually love from the very start, though it is quite acceptable, that we may not realize it instantly. But don’t you think giving some time then to think seems more beneficial then regretting it later.

What is our goal? / Which road to choose?

At the time, when this question is put up by life, we are already not ready to give an answer with valid logics, in general. We tend to follow the trend going on in the society, friends, or surroundings, which appear to be fashionable and worthy to our baseless standards and not being considerate to be a shrewd decision. 

Because that is taken by the mind without the involvement of heart, which is you can say was made half-heartedly. And something like that does not have a long healthy life. 

What degrees feed us?

Degrees are the benchmarks set by society for defining the eligibility criteria of being perfect or successful. They are mere groundless assumptions and are taken in shielding oneself, through an easy way. As dreams and aspirations, are perceived to be quite laborious, uncertain and requiring indefinite time, by the foreseeable minds. 

Taking a degree in a reputed college by passing the entrance exam is something like the breathing air by a human being. Everybody boards the train to reach the success station, not by their real choice but the duly set pre-defined notions. 

What we forget to understand? The Road not taken

We unhesitatingly forget that the steps or actions we take today are actually creating the home for our future. And if they are wrong, or not taken seriously, then in future we do not have any option to turn back. We have to accept what we created for ourselves, with our past actions, or rather presumptions. 

No complaint, no regrets

What we made

Makes our future set.

Whom are we going to complain to, even if we need to? Who is to be blamed?

  • Parents? 
  • Friends? 
  • Our Society-the great?
  • Who?

Who is willing to take responsibility for any uneasiness or difficulties faced in our future house? 

Because here only, we are the builders, we are the maintainers, we are the guards, and we are the designers. Nobody else is involved in the framework that resulted in agony, loss or destruction, or rather simply unwillingness to live in the future.

We might get influenced by others, but still, nobody will and should take responsibility for the same. Appropriately, if we closely discern or inspect, we will also conclude, why should they? Nobody forced us to do anything anyway. They were there to give advice and to share their beliefs, but nothing was forced for you to accept. It’s our conscience that can only be held responsible for negligence or not exercising needed cautiousness required in that state of matter.

What do dreams visualize?

Anything that the heart earnestly wants is something that our dreams visualize. Isn’t?

Dreams are the most honest desires and worthy qualifications for us to pursue. For example, someone who possesses, imagination and writing as their capital asset cannot be privileged or be entitled to a CA degree. Though it might earn them repute, being a writer will satisfy the soul.

Dreams may be sometimes quite late in their arrival of realization, and in the meantime, we often make regrettable choices to worthy the time of void and vagueness. But as we understand, we should gradually make a shift to our real choices to envision our growing future to be content and successful. Success is nothing but absolute satisfaction of the heart in doing the things one loves to, and not forced to.

There is an age-old saying also, that if we do what we love, and then it’s not even a single day that we need to work in our life. 

The solution of the confusion!

Following Passion is the key to contentment. We know that the steps to make this shift are not as easy then said. But, it is often better than being continued to always suffer from uninterested things. When passion is chased, no real or hard efforts are required to compete. It just requires our active intentions that can harvest good returns to our hard work, which was actually not sensed. Because, it was not recognized as something to do, but it was done for pleasure. So the end result will never be disappointing or frustrating. 

In olden days, it had been often said, not every shining thing characterizes gold. So the things that previously sparked radiance may not be always illuminating our future. 

For understanding life, the experience is required

For understanding the dream, introspection is required.

Last but not least, the 3 C’s in our life is the most important:

‘You must make a choice, 

to take a chance

Or your life will never change 

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