Developing the Right Ecommerce SEO Strategy

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The frequency algorithm changes that are happening these days, new search engine feature updates and various advice, the e-tailers are kind of confused as to from where to start with Ecommerce SEO. So here we are with some simple answers and solutions to your jumbled array of questions. Below are some enlisted Ecommerce strategies which can help to grow your eCommerce business as a whole.

How to Improve Your Ecommerce SEO strategy?

Here are some ways to follow:

Optimize for Mobile

Not having your mobile optimized can put you at serious search disadvantage. Updated and evolving habits of the user can make design responsive and essential perspective a great experience for both the SEO and the user.

Google’s AMP can optimize your search further, so  if you are trying to take a step ahead for your ecommerce SEO it’s of great help. Google’s AMP reduces the load time and increases mobile search rank experience. Hubspot has a new tool called Website Grader which has Viewports configured which checks that your site is mobile responsive or not.

Enabling the Canonical Tags

Canonical tags is also known as Canonicalization. This lets the search engine know that page URL is representing a default master page. This comes handy when you have pages with more than one URL. In this way the canonical tags transfers the SEO credit from the duplicate URLs to the default page which you intended to rank. Hence we can see that this is a simple yet effective way and a great fix which can maximize your search rankings.

Hubspot has also recently made it easier by introducing a way to include Canonical Tags directly in the respective blog posts. This makes the tag implementation very viable for the SEO experts.

Reducing Load Time

If you have faster load times they prove to be of great user experience. Your search engines are significantly impacted. 100-200s milliseconds of load time is a very good speed. So reducing load time is of great importance in today’s era.

Image compression is proved to have an immediate impact, to improve your site’s speed altogether along with other trending tools in this field. Checking Google Tag Manager or any other ecommerce SEO tools is highly recommended to take an inventory of the active scripts on your site. To remove the excess calls that might be slowing down your site these tools can be very helpful and are in demand.

Adding Customer Reviews

The rankings are influenced highly by search engines which treat customer reviews as new engagement and website content. As a reviewer acts like a third party who has a mind of his own, this improves the SEO strategy. By using BIGCOMMERCE development, you can have access to many a hundred apps in their app stores. language can also be used, so that your product reviews, number of reviews and the starred reviews are highlighted on your search engine result page.

Resolving Your Site’s Errors

By keeping your site organized and clean with the help of Google Webmaster Tools by continually monitoring Google Search Console you can positively increase the rankings of your search engines. The site errors can be broken links or maybe sometimes sitemap files. If you resolve the errors it can improve Google’s ability to upgrade your site automatically and keep in with the trends being followed.

Your SEO Visibility Should be Monitored

Every year Google introduces 2 or 3 algorithm changes. Mobile friendly and HTTPS protocol enabled sites were introduced in the last updates. Searchmetrics and MOZ Site Explorer are the third party Ecommerce SEO tools to monitor your SEO visibility regularly. So if you want to stay ahead of  your competitors you have to be proactive in your approach.

Using Markup for Enabling Rich Snippets & Knowledge Graphs

By giving detailed product information to your search engine to  see, like review ratings, price and availability as an etailer you can have an upper hand. Using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tools can enable you to see if your pages are efficiently using markup formatting.

Adding Breadcrumbs

Website breadcrumbs helps your customers and Google to know and understand the given parent-child relationships when it comes to product categories. With these minimal efforts you can easily increase your user rankings and experience.

Optimizing Your Content

Here product description is of vital importance, why would someone want to buy your product? Develop a psychological connection with your customer. So you have to give more details than the manufacturer is providing.


With the right SEO strategy for your e-commerce business, you can look forward to maximizing the overall profits instantly.





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