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According to global reports, the home healthcare market size was valued for more than USD 281 billion, in the financial year of 2019. Also, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% from 2020 to 2027. It can’t be disputed that we dwell in an age of transformation, where everything has been through a significant evolution. Given so many changes, we have become more inclined towards nuclear families, and unfortunately, our elders end up living alone in the senior years. With this, a professional aged patient care services has become an important aspect. Furthermore, in joint families, family members often fail to make the required time for their beloved elders. 

Therefore, home-based health care services have become the need of the hour. The professional, caring services take care of your elders in your absence. Also, the professional carers do not only render better healthcare facilities to the seniors at their home but also ensure an overall happy life for them.  

Importance of Caring for the Elderly 

Old age can be a challenging experience, it is that stage of life when human health starts deteriorating, and they become dependent on others for your daily activities. This is the time when the elderly need the most care. Below are the key points that justify the importance of caring for the elderly:

Who Can Enjoy The Benefits of Critical Care At Home?

Critical care or ICU at home costs even less than 50% from the hospital-based critical care. Addressing the point versus the previous ones, it is seen that patients also recover faster within the comfort of their home. With home nurse services, elder care at home has become a reliable option to care for the elderly. It helps the elders to live a life with dignity. Critical care services at home can be availed by-  

  • Senior citizens who are dependent on medical equipment to function on an everyday basis. Elders cannot use the different types of equipment by themselves; this is why they require a healthcare professional to help them.
  • Elderly people with terminal diseases can also avail critical care services. With professional caring, they get complete support for their everyday task and better care for their health and medication. 
  • Cancer patients who require continuous physical support can also hire home-based care service. It will help them to heal faster and prevent other chronic disorders that cancer patients are vulnerable to. 
  • Critical care at home is also a trusted way of caring for elders who have been through tracheostomy procedure and require 24*7 support.

Prepare Your Home For In-Home Eldercare

While caring for elders at home, you should not forget to make your home risk free by following the below steps: 

  • Handrails that secure the entire length must be installed on both sides of the stairs. In case of potential slipping, handrails provide support and stability to a person to regain balance. Furthermore, handrails help the elderly with the safe use of stairs because they can catch them. 
  • The entire stairs should be well lit so that the edges are visible properly. 
  • The stairs should be clean to prevent falls in the elderly. 
  • Install non-slippery mats in the entire house, especially in the washroom. 
  • It is necessary to install nightlight on the bathroom and the entire passage.

The Bottom Line

Are you also looking for reliable care of elderly for your beloved elderly? Well! There are various elder care services available out there, such as Emoha. 

Emoha is a trusted place for aged care in India. The staff at Emoha works with an elder first approach. No matter what type of eldercare service you avail from Emoha, they always keep elders’ health and comfort at the top. You can connect with them at 1800-123-445555 or eldersfirst@emoha.com.

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