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When you are struggling with some sort of mental health disorder, you trust no one. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to consider online therapy, we may not accept that it will work for us. However, trust me, in this new era of emotional well-being treatment and online treatment programs, you’re surely going to get relief out of your conflict.

Considering the reality of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, each specialist has begun online therapy services. All the Schools, Colleges, workspace and other educational establishments, are depending on internet isolating modes. This article is going to help you in choosing the best online therapy services available in 2020. You can also browse through online therapy websites to gain further knowledge around their online therapy and experts.

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Benefits of Online Therapy Programs

There are a few remarkable advantages of online therapy that may inspire you to go for the same.

1. Beneficial for People with Different Abilities

There are individuals who are essentially challenged and can’t set up and go to the therapy centre. These online therapy programs are best for individuals with actual restrictions as it doesn’t need any travel.

2. Best for Remote Areas

Online Therapy program is perhaps the most ideal alternative for Remote Areas. Individuals in a far-off region can benefit online therapy services as there is no other alternative for them but online access is easily available in remote areas.

3. No Infrastructure Required

Most of the insurance agencies cover online therapy programs in their protection plan. Online treatments are financially economical for patients and insurance agencies as it saves time, money other aspects for both the parties.

4. Helpful and Affordable

Online treatment programs are affordable and convenient for patients as it is an effortless activity and even the individual patient can set up an appointment and attend the therapy session at his own convenience. There is no need to spend time and money on your travel expenses to the therapy centre.

5. Available and Comfortable

People may feel cautious while talking about their issues with an outsider. Online therapy program can assist them with conquering the shame about their mental health issues. Teletherapy is a significant process to beat mental health issues.

Best Online Therapy Programs

Here is a list of the best online therapy services available in 2020. Explore more on the online therapy website of your choice.

1. BetterHelp

Best For: Individuals, couples, or teens

Notable Features: Bilingual

Price Range: $60–$80 per week (billed monthly)

BetterHelp is one of the most renowned online therapy service providers that cover the largest counselling services. Major services offered are through messaging, chat, phone and video. You can message anytime round the clock or schedule an online appointment with thousands of the best therapists with a minimum experience of 1000 hours of sessions.

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2. Talkspace

Best For: Individuals

Notable Features: COVID-19 support, Employee assistance programs available

Price Range: $260–$396 per month (billed monthly)

Talkspace has over 1 million users who benefit every year with their online counselling sessions. The process is absolutely easy as you go through a brief assessment, pick your therapist and start the therapy. You get 24/7 access and switch unlimited therapists at no extra cost.

3. Regain

Best For: Couples

Notable Features: Options for individual or couples

Price Range: $60–$80 per week (billed monthly)

Regain is one of the best online counselling services for couples to regain the trust, affection, companionship, passion, communication, friends, joy and intimacy. Individuals and couples can avail the therapy sessions and counselling anytime anywhere.

4. My Therapist Online

Best For: Individuals

Notable Features: UK-based, free consultation

Price Range: £60–£120 per session

My Therapist Online is a UK based counselling platform that offers convenient and effective online therapy sessions. You can find expert CBT Therapists & Psychologists to get your therapy session anytime and anywhere. You get the first consultation for free and can figure out if it is going to help you in future.

5. Open Path Collective

Open Path Collective

Best For: Family/Group

Notable Features: Sliding scale, bilingual options

Price Range: $30–$80 per session; $59 – lifetime membership fee

Open Path Collective is an NGO that thrives to offer support for people with a financial crunch. Get access to an unlimited therapy session with a small contribution for a lifetime membership. Multiple family members, groups and couples can benefit from a single membership plan.

6. 7 Cups of Tea

Best For: Family/Individuals

Notable Features: Emotional Support, LGBTQ+

Price Range: $50–$150 per session

7 Cups of Tea offers professional and affordable online therapy services at your own convenience. It’s convenient and unlimited therapy service cost $150 a month. People suffering from different mental trauma can benefit the service to cope with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and other issues.

7. AmWell

Best For: Family/Individuals

Notable Features: Behavioral Health, Virtual Private Care

Price Range: $79–$269 per session

Amwell is a one-stop solution for therapy, psychiatric help, Virtual OPD, and other specialist services for your entire family. The service is available 24/7/365 where you can visit online therapists without an appointment and get prescriptions.

Summing Up

In this pandemic situation of COVID-19 outbreak, if you are having a tough time, instead of stepping out of your home, take virtual consultation right from your bedroom. Take free trials from your favourite online therapy website and take care of your mental health. After all, your dependents see you as their world.

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