5 Surprising Facts About Roadside Assistance You Need To Know

road side assistance

Sometimes we feel extremely unlucky to face disaster in the middle of a lonely road. Many of us prefer calling friends or family members. Does it ethical to call your loved ones at that time? Definitely, it is a very big no. Instead of this you can call professional roadside assistance service providers to send expert mechanics for your help. However, when you browse their website, you can see multiple coverage plans.All types of coverage plans are not suitable for every individual. That’s why you must know about each and everything before getting membership of a roadside assistance providing company.

Here is a description of five important facts that you cannot ignore while contacting a reliable breakdown service providers.

1# Policy and membership:

It is the most common question asked by customers while getting the membership. You can get long-term and short-term coverage policy options depending upon your requirements. Both policies cover all types of breakdown services in Doha, Qatar such as car towing service, jumpstarting, flat tyres, emergency fuel, and many others. You can pay either on a monthly basis or annually, it is up to you. Once you have got the membership, you can make a call them 24x7x365.

2# Suitability:

Another important question asked by customers is that what type of vehicle is suitable to get recovery services? The breakdown services in Doha, Qatar are suitable for every type of vehicle classic cars, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, buses, SUV cars, etc. However, always check the service provided by your roadside assistance company to make sure that either service is suitable for your vehicle or not.

3# Emergency assistance package:

When you, unfortunately, meet an accident in the midnight, you simply call them for roadside assistance. People who are traveling from one city to another city cannot go back home unless their vehicle is repaired. Besides getting the car towing services in Doha, Qatar, you can also get an emergency assistance package. In this way, you get complete assistance to stay in a hotel or get food unless your vehicle is ready to go.

4# Availability of equipment:

Once you have got the membership of a roadside assistance company, you are not bound to take heavy types of equipment with you. The experts have every single instrument from screwdrivers to efficient batteries. Almost 10% of total roadside assistance requests are comprised of changing flat tyres. About 25% of requests are received for boosting batteries. The least number of requests are received for providing emergency fuels.

5# All time availability:

The car towing services in Doha, Qatar are available exclusively round the clock irrespective of your location. It is one of the prominent reasons that people are inclined towards such services. The rotating shifts of mechanics make sure their availability by 24 hours. They have set up their offices in nearby places to quickly deploy team members. Fully equipped and energetic team members track your location by using GPS technology to assist you within a few minutes.

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