6 Cool Facts About Desert Safari Dubai Deals


Dubai is something more than enjoying excellent amenities of lifestyle and spectacular places to visit. The electrifying Dubai desert safari tours are one of the prominent reasons to attract tourists in this region. There are many lovely places to visit in the world than why should I consider this deal?

dubai desert safari

The most common answer to this question is that deserts are located in every region of the world. Perhaps, you have enjoyed snowboarding but you can never miss-out sand skiing on beveled dunes. Here, I am presenting 6 cool facts about exhilarating activities that you will love to enjoy.

Some Facts About Desert Safari Dubai:

Fact #1 Indulge in dune bashing:

The most amazing and thrilling part of desert safari deals in Dubai is the red dune safari. Sitting in a Land Cruiser and looking down from the height of 1000 feet is full of adventure. Riding over inclined dunes you discover the spellbound landscape of the desert. The adrenaline pumping dune bashingis something more than a roller-coaster like rides.

Fact #2 Enjoy a ride on ATV quad bike:

ATV quad biking is all about extreme adventures. This unique activity is offered by operators after complete guidance and instructions. The 30 minutes of this desert sport is an exciting experience to explore the endless beauty of the desert on a quad bike. Fine grains of sand striking your face spice up the true spirit of adventure.

Fact #3 Enjoy a sheer experience of sandboarding:

The tourist book desert safari deals in Dubai to enjoy this adventuresome activity. The most common reason for which tourists love sand skiing is that they want to test their skills of sliding on the red dunes. When you enjoy this activity, you will come to know that it is not that much difficult. Do not worry if you ever fall on the dune. The powdery soft dunes will save you from severe damage.

Fact #4 Enjoy cheerful camel ride:

The camel ride towards the campsite completes your desert safari tour. The gigantic species of camel are friendly and lovely. Sitting on the camel, you will explore the dramatic landscape of the desert. Taking pictures with Arabian eagles makes this ride even more memorable.

Fact # 5 Experience true Bedouin lifestyle at the campsite:

Your Dubai tour in unworthy if you have not experienced typical Arabian cuisine and dance performances at the campsite. Lemon squeezed BBQ dinner with hot sizzling sauces is a feast for your taste buds. Belly dancers seem like fairies dancing in front of you. Tanura dance gives peace of mind and fire dance show will leave you astonishing.

Fact #6 Overnight desert safari experience:

The most attractive feature of Dubai tour is to spend a night in Bedouin camp. Is not it enjoying and charming to explore the beautiful creatures in the desert and wandering in the desert by holding a lantern? Light up some dried wooden sticks, make tea, and chatter with your partner. It will take you away from the hustle bustle of a monotonous routine.

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