Snacks are that one thing that almost everyone loves and wants. Mainly because it doesn’t take up too much space in your stomach and can help ease your hunger till you have a proper meal. Snacks are helpful, especially at the airports, where meals are too pricey. If you’re bored and hungry, you might see yourself looking for a duty-free or a cafe. But even if you do find something to snack on at the airport, you might instantly put them back due to the hefty prices. 

Also, the in-flight snack boxes are usually expensive, and there are chances that you won’t like everything in the box. Keeping the above challenges in mind, we suggest you bring your snacks and purchase them before reaching the airport. This will come out cheaper for you, and also, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of snacks. 

Below is a suggestion of some snacks that could be a good option to bring along when traveling through an airport:

Vegetable Snacks

If you are a health or diet conscious person and have recently started your goal to fitness, then don’t worry because there are snacks that you can enjoy too. 

Almost all types of veggies and beans have a dried, dehydrated, and roasted version for you to snack on. These include seasoned kale chips, broccoli bites, and chickpea snacks. These are a tasty way to consume your greens without compromising your healthy diet. 

Breakfast Items

Traveling early morning is quite inconvenient on its own, and going through it without breakfast is tiring. Fortunately, there are many on-the-run breakfast options available. You could always opt for the common, but reliable granola bars that are now available in variations. You can find granola bars with a jam-filled center or tasty toppings to appease your taste buds. If you are not a fan of granola bars and you’re looking for something fancier, then individually wrapped chocolate crêpes would be a good option too. 


Chocolate cravings can occur at the strangest of times and especially when you’re around above 25,000 feet in the air. 

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to chocolate bars because not to forget that the variety is never-ending. But if you are not into solid chocolate bars, then you may purchase chocolate coated items. Coconut chips covered in dark-chocolate and chocolate-coated dates are the best to snack on. 

Trail Mix

Trail mixes are good enough for hiking, so, therefore, they’re good enough for traveling as well. Trail mixes can contain fruits, candies, nuts, granola, chocolate, yogurt, and many other things. If you’re too busy packing or getting ready, you can order these food items online and save time. If you like one of these, search it online and get it delivered to your house. For example, you can buy cashews online and get them delivered straight to you without having to go out.

Dried Fruits

Another healthy option that’s extremely good for your body is eating dry fruits, especially to suffice your snack craving when traveling. Also, with a lot of variety of dry fruits available nowadays, everyone’s preferences are satisfied. You can go to a shop and make your mix, instead of purchasing a ready-made all-in-one. An all-in-one dry fruit pack from a store usually contains things that are not liked by the majority.  

Cheese & Crackers

This is a cost-effective, satisfying, and filling combination. But if you order this same combination on a flight, it’ll cost you double or even more. So why not just buy your own from outside the airport and have it whenever you feel like it. It is quite tasty, and assembling it also serves as a good time pass. All you need is a good, well-sealed zip bag to store your crackers and cheese because cheese is always served best at room temperature.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has always been a good, on-the-run snack option for ages. It has evolved a lot over the last few years. Now beef jerky is sold in different varieties of meat, with seasonings and flavor to satisfy hunger pangs. For long flights, you might want something more substantial and heavier to consume, and beef jerky will be the perfect option for such long trips. The meats usually available in beef jerky are lamb, chicken, turkey, buffalo, and even bacon, so there are a variety of options suitable for everyone.

Fresh Snacks

Fresh snacks include fresh fruits and vegetables ready to be consumed. An example of a fresh snack is a banana, which is easy to eat and portable, while an apple forms an exquisite combination with peanut butter. However, you cannot carry a jar of peanut butter, but small peanut butter packets are widely available that comply with the airport regulations.

It is best to cut the fruits in pieces and store them in a zip lock bag because they can quickly help suffice sudden hunger and food cravings.


Sugar craving when traveling is quite natural, especially when you need a boost in energy and get away with jet lag. Sugar helps cure the dullness of the flight. You can consume biscuits or cookies or maybe some chocolate coated candies, which you often like to snack on. Also, it is wise to carry some chocolates or toffees in your bag, in case you or a passenger goes low on sugar and starts to feel unwell. 

Crisps or Popcorn

When thinking about snacks, most people’s first preference would be a good packet of crisps or, in some places, it’s referred to as chips. But a good option to enjoy with your in-flight entertainment would also be some kettle corn. These come in various flavors from simple salted and buttery to cheddar cheese flavored and are a good time pass when bored in-flight or watching a movie.


A new substitute for commonly used plastic bags and shoppers is Beeswax. With there being a lot of things to do in Atlanta or any other likewise cities, plastic bags are commonly used while shopping or carrying items from one place to another. Beeswax might sound outlandish, but it can be made into handy reusable snack bags that serve our needs of carrying snacks while traveling. 

This is a good step towards a sustainable environment since it’s almost impossible to fully dispose of plastic bags without an impact on the ozone layer.
The damage already caused is nearly impossible to reverse. However, we should act responsibly and work our way towards a better environment. And the first step could be through using Beeswax; it is easily recyclable and reusable, which makes it a good environmentally friendly, unlike plastic bags that might not be harmful to but these might prove fatal to other living beings.

The challenges and the food cravings when traveling can be related to by everyone, which is why the above suggestions have made this list keeping in mind the budget and the portability of the snacks. Also, if you luckily save on some snacks, which is unlikely, but if you do, you can enjoy them all along the trip and not just at the airport. Need we say more?
Plan on your trip, head out to the store a day before, checklist your snacks, and have a tasty yet safe journey. 

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