5 Major Features of a Fleet Management Software


Companies that manage fleets will know the value of the fleet management program. Adapting fleet management applications is a valuable thing in a firm. Fleet management software is basically utilized in logistics, supply chain, and other transport sectors to simplify the intricate fleet management difficulties.

In this guide, we’ll discuss on as a fleet manager what you can expect from the fleet management applications and what are the 5 big facets of the fleet management program.

What does an Organization Should Expect from a Fleet Management Software?

A much better fleet management program fulfils all-purpose of handling a fleet i.e, a better fleet management program gives you complete support.

A company should expect applications to bring a gain without affecting productivity. This is the way a fleet management software operates, it raises productivity by lowering the price tag.

Features of a Fleet Management Software

A company expects best in most even from selecting a individual to selecting a computer software.

You will find a set of several common features in a fleet management applications, which can turn a simple fleet into million-dollar enterprise.

1. Fuel Management System

Managing fuel consumption is an important challenge to a fleet supervisor. How can a fleet management program deal with fuel management systems?

Fleet management applications designed to maintaincontrol and track the fuel consumption. Fuel management is the major sector where a fleet manager can control the price in a enormous amount.

But we could say, sensor-based fuel management systems are a successful method to control or monitor your fuel.

How does a Sensor based Fuel Management System Work?

A gas detector will be connected to fuel tank (Diesel / Petrol tank) and the fuel has been monitored continuously. The use or refillment or some other leakage issues are taken into consideration and the detector transmitted the information to the fleet management program server with the support of satellites.

Though detector based fuel monitoring systems would be the successful one, we do follow the effective method. FleetOS is among the well-known fleet management program. FleetOS has many attributes, among the greatest features is the fuel management system.

The Italon sensor, a Russian item, markets best sensor to be installed to the vehicle, data in the automobile is captured and sent to the FleetOS software where a fleet manager can remain in their own location and track the car.

2. Real-time tracking

Real time monitoring is used in many businesses that use transport, mainly utilized in logistics. Tracking the movement of the fleet is a popular technique to save time, money, and boost productivity. Real-time monitoring was performed with GPS and without GPS.

Where FleetOS is a user interface, GPS monitoring unit collects data from the car and stores it in a GPS monitoring server and fleet management program FleetOS retrieves the information from the server and makes it accessible.

Tracking Without GPS

We can track vehicles with simple standard monitoring technology using cell phone signals. If you’re a truck owner and wish to track your car or truck, it can be carried out with the assistance of a truck driver’s cell phone signal. It’s a very simple tracking process with great accuracy.

3. Route Optimization

Route optimization is a means to run a fleet management business in a profitable manner. optimization follows a specific algorithm and provides you the best result.

FleetOS software provides you a better effect on path optimization, if any changes occur with the vehicle on the road path instantly an alarm will be raised in the port program.

How much significance will we reveal to the fuel management system? ask yourself. The same importance ought to be shown to route optimization. By this method, it is possible to boost productivity by lowering cost in many methods of a fleet management company.

4. Vehicle and Driver management

Without a vehicle, there’s absolutely no fleet, or without a driver, there’s absolutely no transportation process. So, handling both should be your priority.

Maintaining vehicle procurement like automobile fitness certificate, Insurance, and so on, and handling timely program maintenance of a motor vehicle. A fleet manager can’t handle or maintain or recall maintenance schedules of a fleet. Thus, fleet management software gives you a helping hand to maintain, manage, and remember each need for a motor vehicle.

When coming to driver handling driver safety problems, accidental direction, speed management, procurement management, handling a driver’s driving style, etc, is tracked through the fleet management program.

The best fleet management software such as FleetOS will offer all the complete facilities you will need for a fleet management company. To know about what is fleet management

5. Customer Support

Customer care is a range of services done to your client to direct and help them how to use a solution and make cost-effective.

How much importance would you reveal to come up with a product? Yes, the very same importance should be given to client support.

Whether it can be a huge industry or an enormous brand but in the end, everything comes to client satisfaction,  Customer satisfaction is a picture of the brand. The way to get a fantastic result in client satisfaction? Provide decent quality products and better customer service.

Customer care is the section where you can catch a customer’s heart and expand your business.

If you would like to be the best in all, you want to provide the best in all. Evidently, FleetOS gives you good customer care.

We will need to be the greatest in all and we’re best in all!

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