How to Identify Common Foundation Problems?

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Homeowners often wonder how to identify common foundation problems. It is a common question that anyone can ask. If the minor cracks and leaks are left untreated, they can create structural damage. It will decrease the value and health of your home.

The structural integrity of your home depends on its strength as it supports everything, windows, floors, walls, and roofs. So, when your foundation gets damaged, it causes a problem throughout your house. To get rid of this, you need extensive foundation repair for your house.

Living in a house with foundation problems can be a real headache for homeowners. Identifying common foundation problems early on is crucial to preventing further damage and costly repairs down the road. Foundation issues can manifest in various ways, from cracks in your walls to uneven floors.

What Are the Common Signs of Foundation Problems?

  • Foundation Upheaval

In case your slab foundation has moved upward, it is a foundation upheaval. There can be many reasons for slab foundation upheaval, like soil that contracts and expands, excessive moisture because of rain, or leaks in plumbing. The heavy rains and plumbing problems can trap the moisture under the slab. You could be losing a lot of water if this happens. If you suspect anything like this, you must check the water bill.

When soil gets wet, it can get heavy. At that time, you might notice that your doors are sticking, or your fireplace has moved upwards. It is time for you to call a foundation repair service for your slab.

  • Gaps Around Exterior Doors or Window Frames

You may have notice gaps around exterior doors and window frames. The doors may no longer latch. It is the sign of a foundation problem.

Double doors do not always align properly, due to which it becomes difficult to close. The door frames may also become crooked and impair from operating correctly. If you notice something like this, you must inspect your house or any other property.

  • Uneven or Sagging Floors

If your floors are sagging or dipping, this can indicate trouble. When foundation issues affect the beam and pier foundations, the floors can squeak and sag. When there are concrete slabs, floors tend to be out of level or uneven.

Uneven floors are dangerous for small children, physically impaired people, or elders. To avoid problems like this, you must get your foundation fixed as early as possible.

  • Cabinets and Counters Separated from Walls

If you notice that your kitchen cabinet is tilting or pulling down from the wall, at first is little. But gradually, as time passes, the gap will begin to increase. It is a big issue.

If you find something like this, you have got a foundation problem. The walls and cabinets may not be on the level. It is because there is something that is making your foundation uneven.

What Should You Do When You See Foundation Issues?

When you observe any unusual thing, you must call a professional foundation repair contractor to investigate. Make sure that they do a thorough investigation of your house and other structures. It may be that there is nothing to worry about.


Foundation problems can be destructive at times. If you concern about the damage, call a repairer for your foundation damage. An experienced contractor can pinpoint the foundation problems and stop them from deteriorating further.

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