How to Promote Your Holiday Sales?

Promote Holiday Sales

The holidays are the busiest time of the year, especially for entrepreneurs. You have inventory stocks to purchase, special investors or client gifts to wrap, and other time-consuming events to attend. But, the holiday rush also proves to be the best time for business owners to boost their sales and increase profits. When you take the right measures, like using a collage maker online from Promo to create digital ads, you can make the most of the frenetic season.

Thus, it would be best if you took advantage of this time to promote your goods and services to increase your company’s bottom line. Let’s get started so you can learn different hacks to make your holiday more fulfilling, fun, and most of all, financially rewarding. Take note of these ten helpful tips to drive more leads and sales.

Conduct Unique Holiday Sales

Get into the spirit by conducting unique holidays sales. This is the perfect way to promote your brand while showing your prospects and existing clients that you’re in the mood for merriment. You can try:

  • Flash sales
  • 12 Days Before Christmas Sales
  • Thanksgiving Blowouts
  • Fill Your Stocking Sale
  • Secret Santa Sale
  • Holly, Jolly BOGO (buy one, get one free)
  • New Year 20% Off

To get started, use your collage maker online to make social media announcements. You can also use this tool to send a quick email ahead. Hence, your clients will remember to save the date of the sale. People love getting a bargain, so this will certainly increase website traffic.

Conduct Unique Holiday Sales

Decorate to Set the Mood

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar or online store, you got to decorate for the season. How your store looks is the best advertisement. Use Christmas lights, festive decors, and funky music for your real store. You can also use your collage maker online to create and print themed posters. Similarly, don’t forget to “deck the halls” of your e-store with holiday digital prints. These methods will amplify your customers’ shopping experience. They will feel in the mood. As a result, they may stay longer, buy more goodies, and tell their friends how fun things are in your store.

Write a Cool Blog Post

If you haven’t started blogging about your store, you should get right to it. Blogging works as an important component of your marketing strategy. You can use it to:

  • Inform people about holiday promos
  • Share pics of your store
  • Show images of staff wrapping goods
  • Display other holiday festivities

Send Holiday Emails

Don’t forget to capitalize on emails. After all, the people on your subscriber list belong to warm leads who are ready to convert. These special clients know about your brand, so you just need to convince them a little bit more to make a purchase. Use your collage maker online to create cool digital prints of holiday coupons. You can also include the following in your emails:

  • Store pictures
  • New items
  • Discounted goods
  • Holiday related info

Offer Gift Certificate, Cards, and Other Bonuses

Make it convenient for your customers to purchase gift cards or certificates. Instead of buying actual merchandise, they can select this instead. Hence, you provide them a very easy and seamless experience. After all, everyone appreciates these cards. On top of that, you could offer special bonuses for people who choose to buy a certain amount. For example, offer a free $10 bonus reward for someone who buys a $60 gift card for a friend.  

Conduct Extended Shopping Hours

For those who have real stores, it is time to step up your game by offering extended holiday shopping hours. Remember, it can be very tedious and cumbersome for clients to get things done in one day. Most people have to go to work. Thus, they have limited time to shop. If you want to get their business, offer these special hours one or two times a week. This will provide everyone ample time to shop during the hectic holiday season. Make sure to use your collage maker online to create digital announcements for social media and posters for your actual store.

Provide Loads of Extras

Who doesn’t love a freebie? This is the best promotion ever! Offer incentives for your visitors so they will feel motivated to shop in your store. For example, you can hand out a free sample to brick-and-mortar visitors. Similarly, you can offer discount coupons for e-commerce shoppers. When you give extras, you entice people to spend in your store because it is hard to resist free goods.

Advertise a Free Gift Wrapping Option

Advertise a Free Gift Wrapping Option

Shopping is already difficult to do but what makes it even more daunting is the thought of wrapping tons of presents. Thus, if you want to endear yourself to your clients and bag that sale, you must provide free wrapping services. You can do it for both online and in-store clientele. Make advertisements for this free service using your collage maker online. Choose one of their promo templates to make editing a breeze. From there, don’t forget to keep the following on hand:

  • Wrapping papers
  • Cute bows
  • Ribbon spools
  • Small cards

With these special touches, you provide a pleasant experience for your customer. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if they keep coming back for more. Exemplary service equates to loyalty.

Create Cool Gift Packs

The holiday season is indeed a very busy time of the year. Companies do annual inventory and evaluation, so your clients may not have time to shop extensively. Hence, it would help if you created cool gift packs or pre-wrapped gift baskets for those who have no time to compile gifts. Showcase them on your social media. You can even offer a collection of grab gift bags which they can choose from. Thus, when they need a gift in a hurry, they can just literally grab what you have and feel confident that the contents are curated and spectacular. It will surely not disappoint the recipient.

The Final Wrap Up On Using a Collage Maker Online To Promote Your Holliday Sale

In summary, the holidays are indeed the busiest time of the year. Some even refer to it as the holy-daze. But don’t succumb to the stress and stay in a daze. Instead, remember that this is also referred to as the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. As a business owner, you must take advantage of this season to increase your profits.

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