How to Properly Clean Leather Jackets: Should I Dry Clean Them?

leather jackets

Leather jackets are a must-have fashion item in your wardrobe. Perhaps you have several leather jackets of different styles, but have you realized cleaning them is different from your cotton or denim jackets?

I bet you are unsure whether you should go to the dry cleaner near you or do it yourself. Well, the answer is, you can do both. You can bring it to the nearest dry cleaner or do the cleaning at your home. But, you have to be careful about doing either of these methods.

Clean Leather Jacket at Home

Cleaning a leather jacket at home is not as challenging as it seems if you correctly follow these essential guidelines:

Check the Garment Labels

Before you start cleaning your leather jacket, it is crucial to check its wash label. The detailed cleaning guidelines are pretty helpful. You have to know the exact cleaning process or treatment you have to use for your leather jacket. That’s why cleaning your leather jacket does not mean it should always be done by hand. Although it is possible, there are other cost-effective and time-saving methods to clean your leather jacket.

Determine the Type of Leather

You have to know the type of leather your jacket is to choose the right cleaning products and methods. Some leather jackets do not have a specific type on their garment label. It’s better to ask the supplier at the time of purchase what type of jacket it is.

Dust the Leather

Start cleaning your leather jacket by dusting it with a soft cloth or brush to remove any oil or dust buildup. Gently wipe off the corners in a circular motion to prevent any damages to the product.

If you forget to dust your jacket before cleaning it, the dust becomes more noticeable over time, making it more challenging to remove the dust.

Apply Leather Cleaning Solutions

Use a leather cleaning solution that’s appropriate for your jacket’s type of leather. Do not forget to check the solution if it is suitable for the leather. Usually, mild soap and water solution works. Use it sparingly in a circular motion.

The last thing you have to apply to your leather jacket is a leather conditioner. It makes your jacket soft and supple. Ensure to purchase a good quality leather conditioner. Before you apply the cleaning solution, do a color test to check whether it will not affect or transfer your jacket’s color.

Eliminate Odor from Leather Jacket

It is bothersome if your leather jacket smells awful. Do not worry! You can deal with any type of bad odor in your leather jacket with vinegar. But, you have to be cautious in applying this, it may work for other types of leather but not on your leather jacket. It is best to color test before applying it. The vinegar acid may fade the color of your leather jacket.

It is easy to clean your leather jacket at home, right? However, if you are not confident about it. You can bring your leather jacket to a dry cleaning expert.

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