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teeth whitening safe

This discoloration of teeth can occur for several reasons, which we will discuss later. The process for making one’s teeth whiter is teeth whitening in Brisbane. It is the safest way, and it is advisable to get it done by professionals. Gums and teeth structure is not affected in this way. If one has any teeth sensitivity, a dentist can also tackle it the right way to prevent future problems. Also, there are various teeth whitening methods, and consulting a dentist is the best as they would tell which one will suit them the best.

There are two common ways of treating this: bleaching and non-bleaching whitening products. Bleaching products help remove both surface and deep stains caused on teeth and give one’s teeth a lighter shade. Bleaching products usually have peroxide, which helps give beautiful results. Non-bleaching is without the use of peroxide. It is also effective but a bit less than the bleaching procedure.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is safe. The gums and structure of the teeth remain the same; only the colour of the teeth is lightened. Well, teeth whitening is also available at beauty salons these days, which can be dangerous. Professional dental cleaning is recommended. Ones having mild to moderate discolouration are the best suitable for this treatment.

What causes teeth to discolour?

Teeth discolouration occurs with age, but there could be several other reasons for the same if one is young enough. Like:

  1. Smoking: Smoking can lead to both dental and health problems both and when it comes to dental issues, tooth discolouration is the most common problem. Chewing tobacco or smoking can stain one’s teeth.
  2. Hygiene:Regular and proper brushing and flossing are necessary for preventing stains and plaque build-ups.
  3. Enamel thickness:Developmental or genetic conditions can affect the consistency and appearance of the enamel. The thicker the enamel, the darker will be the teeth. This can be washed away by acid erosion.
  4. Food and drink: What one consumes can significantly affect the colour of their teeth. Too much consumption of beverages like coffee or tea can stain one’s teeth. Even having some fruits in too much quantity can spoil one’s teeth.
  5. Age:The dentine layer of one’s teeth gets darker with age. It’s a natural process.
  6. Sickness/Disease:Certain antibiotics and medications can also lead to teeth staining over time.

Tooth staining or discolouration caused by age can be improved by teeth whitening, and ones caused by dental hygiene, smoking or food and drink can be enhanced by cleaning by a dentist.

How long does the result of teeth whitening last?

If one follows the care advice by the dentists, then the treatment can last for a couple of years. Although, too much consumption of tea, drink, etc., can affect the longevity of the treatment. Checkups one in two months will be recommended. This will ensure longevity.

Since teeth whitening is a long-term treatment and an investment, one would want to get it done from a reliable place. There are many great places like Medland Dental to get teeth whitening in Brisbane. They have an experienced and professional dentist who gives you a guarantee and execute the process safely. They use the most effective methods according to one’s teeth type and analyse why the staining occurred. Even if one faces any teeth sensitivity, they can rely on them for the best services.

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