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Travelling is deemed to be the best part of our lives whether it’s for a business purpose or vacation with family members and friends. But selecting a place to stay can be a tough task. Choosing a good accommodation is a time taking process, but you should always keep in mind some basic tips while making selection of any hotel in Mumbai or anywhere in the country. Here in this article, you will get to know what are the prominent things and pointers you should take into consideration while booking accommodation for you.

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  1. Location: – The first and foremost point is to check the location of the hotel or the resort you are going to check in. Sometimes some places are too cheap with all the comfort amenities and services, but it is far away from the main area. In this situation, you have to spend more on your transportation rather than on the accommodation and this will surely ruin to trip. So, it’s better to pick up the location which is slightly costly but situated in the centre point of the city you’re travelling to.
  2. Rating & Reviews: – This is also an important point to be taken into account. Try to check the website of hotel or the resort; this will help you to know more about the hotel and their facilities. Also check out the reviews and rating given by the travellers who have visited the place in the past. Often reviews are written which are totally partial and they are only for making a bad impression on the travellers visiting or want to stay in the hotel. If you have any doubt regarding the property you can also talk to hotel managers about it.
  3. Safety and Hygiene: – After the Covid-19 outbreak, this is the point you should always remember while checking out the property. In the recent times, many hotels and resorts have started a process of sanitizing the whole room after people make a stay. Using sanitizer and wearing a mask for everybody have been made mandatory in some properties. Moreover, many hotels have taken care of a good hygiene and try to make their staffs work in a hygienic way. So, book a hotel which provides you this facility among the others.
  4. Amenities: – If you are travelling to a place which is not known to you then its better that you get all the related facilities in the hotel itself like Breakfast, Wi-Fi, and Parking etc. You didn’t have to pay extra for breakfast if it is complimentary in the hotel. So, getting some exciting services within the place will make your trip more memorable and amazing.
  5. Value of Money: – If you’re spending a lot of money on your accommodation then you should always check what type of people are staying and also if the property is fulfilling your entire requirement. Sometimes expensive hotel didn’t match your expectations while some cheaper hotel does. So, if the property is not worthy enough or not matching your necessities then try to skip that and book any other place where you think you will get everything in your budget.
  6. Programs for Frequent Fliers: – Many hotels are tied up with frequent flier programs; if you travel a lot and stay in many hotels for a certain period of time then you can earn some kind of extra points and can also win many facilities like free Spa. Keep an eye on that too so that you can make you trip more enjoyable and surprising.
  7. Research: – Try to do more and more research before making any bookings. Choose the one who fulfils all your requirements like from having a romantic view from the room, fine dining, gym facilities, swimming pool etc. Do you proper research and try to make your stay affordable with lots of facilities included.
  8. Luxurious Stay: – Many travellers enjoy staying in a luxury place with good ambiance. Sometimes the interior of the hotel is what makes you fall in love with it. So if you want to make your stay a luxurious one then you have to definitely check out the website of the hotel, also check out the pictures clicked by the past travellers which are uploaded with the reviews.

Everyone has a different choice while searching a property or hotel for themselves. Today almost every hotel and resort have websites filled with some good pictures and description of the property, but many a time it happens that the content of the website and the property in real didn’t match. Also, thanks to the digital media with the help of promotions and ads, everyone is trying to be on the top whether they deserve it or not. So, you have to be clever while checking out the place after walking into the lobby.

Moreover, while searching a hotel in Mumbai be aware of your budget, if you’re travelling for a business purpose then you surely don’t need any gym or spa so why to give any extra penny for it. Instead of booking a property without spa or gym, can be good and affordable. So, think twice before spending your money for a place which is not worth it for that point of time.

Furthermore, before making any bookings, some of the questions are also important that a person should always ask to hotel’s manager those are cancellation policies, smoking or non-smoking areas, transportation facilities, restaurant or food facilities etc. Also, ask about the hotel packages and rates which will help you in the future. If you are travelling to a place in the peak season make sure to call the manager of the hotel and confirm your bookings once more before you take off.

Above mentioned are some pointers which each and every traveller should consider while travelling to a place which is known or unknown. Hope this article will help you in picking up the right option for you.

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