5 Ways To Enable Or Disable USB Drivers In Windows 10


How regularly have you seen blocked Pen drive or USB drive access in your working environment or school or college? I accept ordinarily; truth be told, each time you attempt to utilize the USB drive, you are not permitted, essentially in light of the fact that the overseer has impaired USB drive location on your Windows 10/8/7 system. Once more, how regularly has your information been taken on the grounds that somebody associated an unapproved USB to your PC and duplicated your files? All things considered, you don’t have to stress on the grounds that the answer for handicap or empower USB Ports is really straightforward.

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Frequently we need to impart our PC or Laptop to someone else. The individual who has a pen drive with infections and contaminated files can infuse these malicious documents into the system to harm the device and furthermore somebody who has awful goals can take our significant documents through pen drive. We can never be too mindful so as to even think about keeping our information secure. Disabling the USB Ports is a generally excellent answer for shield our gadget from infections and different vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, when we have to utilize the USB Devices through USB Ports we can empower these ports by utilizing various techniques like registry editor, device manager, and some third-party applications. Let’s go through some methods to disable and enable USB port in Windows 10.

How To Enable Or Disable USB Drivers In Windows 10?

A) Enable Or Disable Using Registry Editor

● Open the Registry Editor by typing Regedit.exe in the Start/taskbar search and afterward press Enter key.

● Click the Yes button on the off chance that you see the User Account Control brief.

● Navigate the accompanying key:


● Now, on the right-side, double-tap on Start DWORD value and change its incentive to 4 to debilitate USB drives and USB storage devices on your Windows 10 PC. Change the Start DWORD value back to 3 to enable USB drives and storage devices on your PC.


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B) Enable Or Disable USB Ports Using Device Manager

On the off chance that you despite everything don’t discover your USB drive working, you may need to investigate the Device Manager.

The Administrator could have disabled the USB port here.

● Click to the Start button and right-click on it to get a settings menu. Presently select Device Manager to launch it.

● Explore USB Controllers (Universal Serial Bus Controllers). You will get a rundown of the USB options lists. Right-click every one of the sections to Disable USB devices. Click Yes, to affirm the change.

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C) Remove/Uninstall And Re-Install USB Storage Drivers

Another approach to enable/disable the USB ports is, to install/uninstall the USB drivers. On the off chance that you wish to utilize your USB device on your work PC or prevent anybody from utilizing your PC to move information, at that point follow these means to uninstall USB drivers:

● Go to Start Menu, type “devmgmt.msc” in the Search box to open Device Manager


● Click on the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

● You will get the rundown of USB ports.

● Right Click on the USB port and uninstall the driver to disable the port.


D) Disconnect USB

It is unimaginable to disconnect all the USB ports from a motherboard, however, you can detach those which are on the top and front of the PC by stopping out the cable from USB header. Disengaging these ports can keep individuals from effectively misusing them for their advantage.

E) Third-Party Tool/App

● Sys Tools USB Blocker


On the off chance that you need to utilize the Registry Editor or some other techniques, utilizing an outsider application is an astute alternative. One of the helpful alternatives is SysTools USB Blocker. It offers to block/unblock USB ports at whatever point it is required.

The utility controls undesirable clients from utilizing USB devices, for example, flash drives on your devices. To block/unblock USB ports, the apparatus needs to have your login credentials. The device is easy to utilize and accompanies an instinctive interface.

F) USB Block

Another is the USB Block. This product can without much of a stretch enable and disable USB ports. It keeps information spillage from your devices like USB drives, arranges PCs. You can put your USB device as a special case in Whitelist, and access it on your PC. It additionally checks the log of any illegal activity to keep your PC secure.


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