Fix Two Finger Scroll Not Working In Windows PC


Would you like to know how to fix a two-finger scroll not working on Windows PC? Read the above article to know more.

A touchpad (otherwise called a trackpad) is a user pointing device found on most workstations and used to control input situating on a PC show screen. A PC touchpad can be utilized instead of an outer mouse and regularly has a similar two fastens underneath the touch surface or at its base. The second sort of touchpad, which is known as a buttonless touchpad (or a clickpad), is getting progressively popular and doesn’t have the conventional two catches – the whole surface of the touchpad is one enormous catch.

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Looking with a couple of fingers is a helpful touchpad include. The two-finger scroll is a standard component on Mac PCs, in any case, you can likewise set it on PCs (regardless of whether it’s anything but a Mac). For instance, in the event that you are utilizing a Synaptics touchpad, you will find that the two-finger scroll feature is bolstered on this current manufacturer’s touchpad. The element is generally debilitated as a matter of course, so you have to empower it physically. In the event that the two-finger scroll is enabled yet doesn’t work, there may be issues with touchpad drivers. Drivers can get tainted or defective, and the device can’t work appropriately.

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How To Fix Two Finger Scroll Not Working In Windows PC:

1.  Enable Two Finger Scroll from Mouse Properties
2.  Re-Install The Touchpad Driver
3.  Roll Back Touch Driver
4.  Change Mouse Printers
5.  Update The Driver
Two Finger Scrolling is a method of looking over your Windows screen utilizing two fingers. There are different methods of looking also like squeezing the left-hand button under the touchpad and looking over it or setting up an additional mouse. However, almost certainly, two-finger looking over is the most effortless approach to look down the screen.

Also, presently if the two-finger scroll isn’t working, we have covered few tips that will help you to fix a two-finger scroll in your PC. So look down for the present utilizing different methods and before the finish of the blog, you have fixed the issue!

1.  Enable Two Finger Scroll from Mouse Properties

> Open Control Panel, and search for Hardware and Sound. Select it open.

> Under Devices and Printers, locate ‘Mouse’. Click on it.

> Locate Device Settings from the tab above. And click on Settings.

> You will find ‘Multi-finger Gestures’ in the left column. Expand it, enable ‘Two-finger Scrolling’, and click Apply.

Alternatively, if the above steps don’t work. Follow these below steps.

> Press Windows + I key together and Settings window will come up on the screen.

> Locate the ‘Devices’ icon, and click on it.

> Look at the left-hand section, select ‘Touchpad’, and click it open.

> Now look at the Scroll and Zoom option and tick mark ‘Drag two fingers to scroll’. It is finally enabled. You can also change the Scrolling direction right below it to change settings.

drag two fingers to scroll setting option

2.  Re-Install The Touchpad Driver

●    Press Windows + X key, together to open the menu and afterward pick Device Manager.

●    Find your touchpad devices, right-tapping on your touchpad drivers, and select Uninstall.

●    Check the “Delete the driver software for this device” enclose the pop-up window. And afterward, click the OK button.

●    Reboot your PC once the uninstall is finished.

device manager update driver option

3.  Roll Back Touch Driver

●    Open the Run command window by pressing Windows key+R. Here, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and open Device Manager.

●    Click ‘Mice and other pointing devices’ and as the alternatives come up, right-click on the Touchpad device. Here, pick “properties’.

●    In the following segment, pick the ‘Driver’ tab from the top. Here, select ‘Move Back Driver’ and press OK. (If Roll Back Driver button is turned gray out, you are not permitted to do as such.)

●    At long last, click Yes to apply the changes. Reboot the PC and your changes will be saved.

rollback driver setting option

4.  Change Mouse Printers

●    Type Control panel in the Windows Search bar and click on Control Panel from the search result.

●    Ensure “View by” is set to Category at that point click on Hardware and Sound.

●    Under Devices and Printers heading click on Mouse.

●    Do sure to change to the Pointers tab under Mouse Properties.

●    From the Scheme, drop-down select any plan of your decision ex: Windows Black (framework conspire).

●    Clip Apply followed by OK.

mouse properties option

5.  Update The Driver Using Third-Party Software

Updating the driver manually took a lot of time but, we can update all the drivers using any driver updater software, you can easily update all drivers on your PC. Once your two-finger scroll driver is updated, restart your PC and you are good to go.

We have mentioned above the best methods to fix the finger scroll not working in Windows PC. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.






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