Read The Right CCNP Security Syllabus And Course At A Glance

Software and networking talent and skill is growing in demand every day with the advancement of technology across nations. To get yourself employed at a crème de la crème post, try for technical-, software-, and network-backed courses. 

One of the finest examples of such a course, which we read about in this blog, is CCNP Security

Its certification course will abreast you with all the required knowledge to excel in a technical field. 

Let’s begin with knowing the basic requirements before applying for this CCNP certification course:

  • You must know the usage of Routing when using the CISCO Routers and Firewall products. 
  • You must be familiar with CISCO Switches and their switching mechanism.
  • Try to get an Oracle Virtual Box in your system for further training. 
  • Get a GNS3 installed and learn its functioning. 
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Operations. 

These are not hard rules which you really have to follow. But when you have marked these requirements right in your skillset, this course further becomes easier to trail. 

What Do You Generally Learn From This Course (For Example, From The CORE SCOR 350-701 Exam)?

Network security:

In this subject, candidates should learn the manufacturing process of a network online or offline. It’s all concerned with the setting up of different technologies, servers, processes, and devices. 

There is also explained information one learns about the processing of computing rules combined with different configurations. That’s all a prerequisite to set up a network and make it work well. 

Content Security:

It’s one step ahead in the perspective of securing and protecting data and content online or on your server. You learn to make your server secure and lock the content published on it.

Through such ways, you mitigate the possible losses because of data injection attacks. You get to learn how browsers need the Content Security Policies and how to make it work within your limitations: budget, time, knowledge, and skill.

Secure network access:

As a student of this course, you learn about mutual authentication and privacy features. Then, you also understand how to protect the traffic accessing your website or any online portal. That’s one necessary task to continue the flow of organic and new traffic. 

You definitely learn the importance of authentication over NAS, and 3GPP over non-3GPP. 

SDN and network automation concepts:

With the arrival of 5G, and 6G/7G being tested simultaneously, you cannot deny that technology is accelerating at an unfathomable speed. Therefore, it’s imperative that you learn how to automate your network at a faster speed. 

That’s what SDN and network automation concepts teach you in-depth. You centralize your network management tasks. Whereas, SDN offers you choices to set up data centers, wide-area networks, or campuses. 

SDN allows for intent-based networking with fuller control in your hands. 

Cloud security:

Cloud security is necessary when technologies are moving to clouds for better, secure, faster, and encrypted protection for their data. However, at times, cloud hosting brings complexity and uncertainty of who’s in control after all.

But the chapters on topics like CISCO cloud security, you gain confidence, knowledge, and experience. You get to protect your users, data, information, applications, and other software hosted on the cloud from anywhere in the world. 

List Of Necessary Exams To Pass With This Course:

This certification course lets you pass two exams in general: Core and Concentration exams. 

Core exams:

These exams test all your knowledge on the topics like the ones discussed above. To prepare for the exam, you can opt for a training course by CISCO. 

This is also a qualifying exam for a CCIE Security certification. So, once you clear this exam, you earn yourself two technical certificates.

Concentration exams:

You have to pass this exam with knowledge of industry-specific topics. You should stay updated on the growing list of concentration exams as technology develops. 

You can opt for corresponding CISCO training courses or classes online to prepare for a specific concentration exam. For a CCNP Security concentration exam, you have options like:

  • 300-710 SNCF
  • 300-715 SISE
  • 300-725 SWSA
  • 300-735 SAUTO

Who Might This Course Be For?

  • Security engineers
  • Network security engineers
  • IT professionals and managers
  • Candidates wanting to understand the basics of networking and online security. 
  • Anyone who wants to understand newer technological advancements in their IT-backed sectors.
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