SEO Issues that Can Affect Your Google Ranking

SEO Issues

You should be knowledgeable regarding Search Engine Optimization so that your web pages can rank well in search engines. But many people get stuck when they face problems related to SEO because they don’t know much about it. 

If you can’t handle SEO problems, you should contact an SEO expert who will help you solve your problem and grow website traffic

An SEO expert in Sydney works with many businesses and drives organic reach with data-driven SEO solutions. They have proper knowledge about the market, Google’s ever-changing algorithm, and your industry niche, and the results are sensational.

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Here are some problems related to Search Engine Optimization:

Same Content

The topmost technical issue is identical or duplicate content cited by many SEO experts. Duplicate content is any content that exactly matches the content that resides on your site. You can check whether your site content is duplicated by any other source by using the online plagiarism checker free utility. This tool conducts an in-depth duplication check on your entered text and lets you know the percentage of content that contains plagiarism. The user-friendly interface of this tool allows its users to check plagiarism without investing time and effort. This utility generates 100% accurate results within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your document while checking duplication, as this tool doesn’t keep or misuse its users’ data. The duplicate content may confuse the search engine crawlers and prevent the actual content from being served to your target. The SEO experts in Sydney help with solving these problems. They help source the actual unique content for the appropriate user.

Slow Speed

Google has officially included speed- a page’s loading time as a ranking factor in 2010. Search engines penalize slow-loading pages and web designs. Google has stated that speed doesn’t just improve user experience, but making a site fast also brings down its operational cost.

There are always opportunities to do better, no matter how much you optimize your site.

Wrong Construction Of Page

Proper construction of the site is a crucial aspect of your SEO Strategy. If the composition of the page is inaccurate, it can create problems. Your website structure shows Google which pages are most important. With the structure of your site, you can influence which article will rank higher in the search engines.  

So, it is crucial to get it right. 

Occurrence Of Issues Due To Broken Links

If your website has many pages, one or two broken links are not an issue, but dozens of broken links cause a huge problem. The problems that occur due to broken links are:

  • The website’s page authority gets negatively impacted.
  • The perceived quality of your website declines.
  • Your site’s crucial pages become un-crawled and un-indexed when search bots find too many broken links, and they divert to other websites.

If you can’t deal with the problem on your own, contact SEO experts who will handle it by guiding you with their best strategies.

For example, SEO experts in Sydney, provide you proper guidance and best strategies to fix every problem related to SEO. 

Errors Related To Language Declaration

Language declarations become crucial for websites with global audiences, as the language gets detected by the search engine. Therefore, this sentence helps to increase the user experience, especially when converting text-to-speech, as the translator can read the content in the correct dialect of the local language.

Short Content

It is not needed to make every SEO-oriented page very lengthy. People who spend more time on content get better results. Experts have suggested to Google and other search engines to work with at least 300 words. However, a longer word structure is usually recommended.

Make sure to cover the topic thoroughly. If it gets covered within 300 words, then it is well and good. However, if it needs 2500 words, then you should provide the proper time and attention that is needed to make it a comprehensive resource.


Ignoring SEO issues will create more problems. So whether you have a few SEO issues or dozens, you should deal with every issue one by one. Regular site audits help you ensure that your site is in good health.

You should check out Advanced Search Engine Optimization courses to learn more about best practices of SEO.

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