Show Your Blaze with a Blazer


There are different historical stories on how the term “blazer” first came about. Some say it originated in 1952 as an allusion to when Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club first wore bright red jackets that seem to blaze red. Some say it came in 1837 when HMS Blazers wore Royal Navy brass buttons in welcoming Queen Victoria. Yet another story says that it came from country club jackets of the 1870s.

Despite the differences in these stories, all have a common theme of being from a sports background, which transitioned to become a staple part of everyday people’s clothing. Today, blazers are a choice of clothing for those who want to balance being classy (without wearing a suit) and casual (without wearing a sports jacket). They also come in different styles, fabrics, and types. What’s more, men’s blazers online, which provides an easier way to stay in style with just a single click.

Fabric Types

Blazers come in different fabrics and materials, which men of all ages can choose from. They can come in wool and provide the user with breathability, warmth, and softness. It can also be wrinkle free. They can also come in cotton, which is also breathable, comfortable, and can be worn year-round. Yet another is silk, which provides a luxurious feel to the user aside from providing breathability and comfort. Other fabrics that may be used include linen, velvet, and cashmere, which also provide advantages suitable for different tastes and preferences.

Blazer Types and Styles

Blazers may also come in two forms, the single-breasted types and the double-breasted types. These two differ in design, with the single-breasted types coming in one to five buttons (most common is two buttons) and most commonly having notched lapels, and the double-breasted types coming in usually six buttons and most commonly having peaked lapels.

Aside from design, these forms also differ in functionality, in that single-breasted types are more usable in casual events while double-breasted types are more usable in more formal functions.

Blazers may also come in different cuts. They can be the tailored type, wool-blend tailored jacket, or comfort type jacket.

Blazer Fit and Combination

The fit of blazers depends on a person’s preference, may they choose to make it fit like a suit jacket or a sports coat. There is no set standard, and the only thing to consider is if it looks good on the person.

The best thing about blazers is that they may successfully be combined with other pieces of clothing without looking awkward. For example, they may be partnered with neckties or bow ties, jeans (although caution should be done when partnering jeans with double-breasted types since they are more formal), trousers, chinos, and loafers or boat shoes.

Blazers may show a wearer’s individuality while helping them look more presentable and sharp.


Blazers have found their way from sports to being in everyday lives. They have become a staple for those who do not want to be too formal but not too casual, especially those who want to look professional for work. Men’s blazers are now of different varieties that people can choose from depending on their preference, such as fabric types and blazer styles and types, which may be fit and designed in different ways. Men’s blazers becoming available online also provided easy access for people to acquire them. High-quality men’s blazers may be bought online from Oxford.

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