The Best Stock Trading Apps for Android to Lookout For in 2020

Stock Mobile App 2020

Like any other industry, the Stock market today is available on the digital platform. Today, you do not need advice from a stockbroker or call up a stockbroker to know the prices and carry out transactions on your behalf. You have the liberty to execute purchases from the comfort of your home using some of the best stock trading apps on the market. Moreover, stock trading apps are not restricted to any particular category. Whether you are a beginner in stock trading or a pro, there is an app for every individual who is looking forward to investing in stocks in 2020.


One of the most significant stock trading companies of the US, this app has various categories depending on your needs. Due to its powerful user experience, the TD Ameritrade App ranks at the top amongst the apple and android users. Get access to unlimited data that runs on different platforms, to getting charts and analysis of each stock individually; this app makes it easy to use and helps you build your trading decisions on the go.


Even before the launch of the website, the app of Robinhood was launched. The latest addition to the app is its support for BitCoins. The app may not have a detailed analysis of the stocks, but it is unique in its way and works fantastically for the ETFs and stocks. Trading the stocks that you own is one of its core features. Here there is no commission involved for owning a stock. Plus there are no minimum requirements for an account.

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Perfect for the individual with a beginner’s knowledge, but is keen on making investments in the stock trading market. One of the main features of the app is that it allows you to make investments as low as $5, the app also educates you as you go on investing, and making you the pro in the stock trading market. Stash has a lot of articles and tips on trading for beginners, apart from being a trading and an investment app. Stash is one of the most helpful and useful Apps of the trading and investment market today in 2020. Plus, the minimum requirements of an account are modest, making it more convenient to use for beginners.


Acorns is another stock trading app that is perfect for beginners of the game. If you even have a desire to investment and trade but have no clue to where should you begin, then Acorns is the knight in shining armor for you, rescuing you. For college students, this app is a boon is it provides free management for them. Plus it offers cashback at some retailers even. All one needs to do is answer a questionnaire while signing up and connect their bank account. Once it is done, the app builds up a portfolio of the bond and stock investments, based on your answers and the dealings of your account. One also has the option to trade manually.

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