Top 5 Major SEO Problems With New Website


Today’s modern world comprised of crowd of technophile people. Internet, in this technological world, seems to be a second home. While, in contrast to the fact that this virtual world is fulfilling basic needs of millions of unemployed techie through various resources; it also includes some of disadvantages too.

Search engines like “Google” and “Yahoo” are like Allah din’s lamp for this generation. By this tool, you can easily find pin-point details related to almost everything. A simple tap on search button opens the door to thousand of websites on your desktop, laptop or Smartphone screen.

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The websites which are on the top of the search engines get most of the traffic. Now the question which can flash in your brain is: “how these websites reach on top”? So, the obvious answer to your doubt is using some software tool or technique to acquire this.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is one such best technique or by which you can make your website the best or most effective for use of people who are in search of anything related to the content in your website. These searches include all kind of national and international researches which can be audio, video, news or academic. The three foundation pillar of SEO includes ON page SEO, OFF page SEO and Technical SEO.

On Page SEO focuses on optimizing content and page of website, whereas Off Page SEO targets on promoting the website. In contrast to both of this Technical SEO relates with indexing and crawling of your website on search engines.

There are various tools which come under SEO. Do you want to know few of them which are most popular? So here is a quick view for you:

  • SE Ranking
  • SemRush
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner

Despite of inventing so many tools, you may face some SEO problems with new website. This article elaborates some major issues which become hindrance in your path.

SEO Application Issues With New Website

1. SEO problems with new website with respect to Duplicate Content

 The most common fear that may arise in your mind is whether the content on your webpage is duplicate or original. By having duplicate contents on your WebPages will conclude in defeating each other in the race of ranking them on search engines.

Uniqueness of your content on the websites imprints great influence on their users.

2. SEO problems with new website with respect to Broken Image

 Lack of proper information about anything can result in degradation of your new website in ranking position in all search engines. This includes incomplete Images or rather broken Images.

If the content of your website doesn’t include proper SEO keyword phrases then users or clients will lose interest in going through your website.

3. SEO problems with new website with respect to page title

Title tags are one of the most attractive parts of your content since it clearly defines the overall idea about your content. Hence, improper Title tag is one of the biggest SEO problems with new website

Page Title of your website comprising features like duplicity, over long, over short or incomplete will itself demean its value in search engine itself, including in front of its users.

4. SEO problems with new website with respect to broken link

 Like Broken Images defame value of your website, similarly providing broken links might cause major SEO problem with new website in ranking on these search engines.

While browsing through your website, user returns back with a code showing Bad http signal, will ultimately results in devaluing your content and henceforth your website.

5. SEO problems with new website with respect to more backend HTML code

 If your new website includes lots of coding, then it might get slower as compare to the other websites resulting in lower ranking in search engines.

Also if there is any hidden text which is coded in backend then it will poorly affect your website.

To summarize, all you need to know that “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, to improve overall personality of your newly created website, it’s better to take a healthy care of it.

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