Tips to Style Your Summer Wardrobe for the Colder Seasons

Wardrobe for the Colder Seasons

The stark transition from hot, sweaty summers to cooler winters in most cities in Australia means splitting your wardrobe to help you get through all the temperatures you can experience through the year. Unfortunately, for many, this involves packing away the summer outfits to a dark, lonely corner during the colder months.

If you are someone who often moves, having to carry both summer and winter clothing can be a pain, and quite frankly, it’s a shame to have perfectly good clothing stashed away. If you want to be let in on a few tips to help style everything from your summer dresses to camisole vests to work as great as they do in your summer looks in your fall/winter OOTDs, keep reading!

Before getting into the pointers, here is a guide to some of the many different tops available.

Turtlenecks for the win!

Don’t know what to do with your crop and camisole tops in the winter? Just throw them on top of a turtleneck that pairs well with them, and you’re good to go! You can do the same with crop tops (keep in mind that if the crop tops are baggy, choose a fitted turtleneck to wear underneath them) and bodysuits, too. A quick tip: make sure to pair bright summer clothing with turtlenecks in cooler colours to fit the fall and winter moods.

Fitted long-sleeved tops will be your new best friend

If the weather’s a little too warm for turtlenecks, long-sleeved tops are the perfect substitutes! They can work just as well as turtlenecks with your summer clothing while keeping you just warm enough without making you sweat underneath the layers.

Bring out your tights!

If you want to wear your summer dresses without freezing to the bone in the colder months, a pair of tights is your solution. But when can you wear tights with your dress and what kind should you wear? Generally, if the edge of your clothing falls slightly past your fingertips when you let your hand hang freely by your side, tights will most definitely work with the outfit. As for which kind of tights you should wear, while black tights are a fool-proof choice, don’t hold yourself back from opting for other colour options if you’re feeling bold that day. Simply throw on a cardigan or jacket for extra warmth if you need it, and that’s it – you have a cute new winter outfit.

A romper plus a summer dress equal two new tops for your winter looks

Turn your summer one-piece clothing into some great-looking tops for the fall and winter months by wearing them over a turtleneck or long-sleeved top and tucking them into your favourite pair of jeans. Of course, you can switch your bottom or the winter top under your summer clothes to create new looks that fit your mood for the day – the options are endless!

That’s it! Don’t hesitate to look up styling inspiration on the internet if all the information feels too new to you to style yourself confidently; there’s nothing wrong with using references to help discover and develop your personal sense of style. Hopefully, these tips help you make the best use of your clothing and make dressing in the cold months a little bit more exciting.

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